Animal Crossing: New Horizons Reviews

Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing – There are so many different types of animals crossing players and yet animal crossing new horizons managed to improve upon the 4 tool lives of each player type that I think of for the collector. 

crafting offers a major change to furniture clothing and tool acquisition in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platform: Reviewed on Switch
  • Availability: Out March 20th on Switch

About the Game

there’s a near bottomless bounty of bugs, fish and furniture together for the designer.

there are a new tools and few limits to what you can craft and customize

it’s the artists, the decorators, the dreamers who should be most excited.

there is an entire island to jazz up and expand the customizable area far beyond the walls of your house.

you can throw a swimming pool on the beach or add a giant kaiju statue to your garden even literally move mountains.

you can customize so much in new horizons that I cannot wait to see what you all create.

Animal Crossing Display

Animal Crossing Display
Animal Crossing Display

I’ve played every Animal Crossing game, so let me say this to other long time fans one thing you should be ready for is a slower start than usual at the outset.

only two brave villagers and an industrious raccoon family inhabit the island.

it’s just you trees, water rocks and a slow accumulation of building and animal villagers over the course of several real-time days.

it’s a different vibe than just moving to a town already full of bustling shops and animals going about their lives even though building a town from scratch offers a lot of customisation.

It takes too long to get to the good stuff, the museum shopping and even access to parts of the island which require tools like the pole and ladder to reach are all days away from when you first start.

and there’s just not enough to do for the first days well, the sleepy island is waking up unless of course you cheat it by changing the system clock.

The Customizable island

Animal Crossing Customizable island

The customizable island is a huge advancement, I love the terraforming tools above all else. You can form hills, cliffs, land bridges, waterfalls, lakes , miniature islands and rivers with ease.

finally you can place the things you craft and buy anywhere outdoors as well which represents another huge leap forward and fun customisation.

you can make a cool Beach hangout or as the temple on a cliff side just dropping things on the ground.  

the total freedom to create a custom island had to be more excited than anything else in New Horizons.

The now home decoration is better than ever with a brilliant new tool to place everything without having to handle it.

a 360 degree view and tons of cool interactive things to add to your house projectors and lamps that you can turn on turntables and boom boxes to play music that you collect even animated wallpaper.

Animal Crossing Multiplayer modes

Animal Crossing Multiplayer modes
Animal Crossing Multiplayer modes

it has several different multiplayer modes including local play in a single switch, where your friends can join in with a single joy con.

It’s cool but chaotic and aside from showing off your island and taking group photos.

there’s not much to do but get in each other’s way, you can visit other islands too, but if you know the resident and they let you in so you can view stranger’s islands in any way which is too bad because that means people have to share their creations elsewhere.


there’s endless lists of things to hunt by horde and display at new horizons.

There’s a collection of some of which are unique to various seasons to keep you hunting all year.

There are a lot of overlapping creatures in previous games, but it’s still fun to find them all and sell the rest of the bells. Even more rewarding is the Museum with gorgeous exhibits that come to life.

you can take a day trip to a randomly generated nearby island which might have different nab but nearby means that the islands you visit are in the same season, so you won’t be finding rare winter fish while it’s summer in your island.

Now the roof crafting a New Horizons is hitting trees and rocks to see what falls out.

It’s more busy work than fun and there are no shortcuts, you whack a stone four times and as you pick up each Rock one at a time rather than deal with the crafting hassle.

I preferred plopping down bells for weird intent of design furniture sets and even weirder clothes in the shops.


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