ASUS ROG Chakram Gaming Mouse Review

ASUS ROG Chakram
ASUS ROG Chakram

ASUS ROG Chakram Mouse is look really nice. if you’re looking for a minimalist gaming mouse this one is very tough to beat. 

it has a very sleek and clean design. on other colors but just black. 

the logo you can’t actually see it from the outside, so I really like the design that they’ve put into this mouse, it’s very minimalist. 

there’s not much loud colours, but still the design speaks gaming.


  • The built-in analog stick works in mouse and game pad modes
  • Good shape for bigger hands
  • Long battery life
  • Qi Wireless Charging
  • 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Supports the new ROG Armory Crate


  • The analog stick looks like a gimmick
  • Expensive

ASUS ROG Chakram Boxing

ASUS ROG Chakram boxing

the mouse’s case is soft case for the ROG Chakram, this case helps you protect it from scratches and from possible drops. it has an ROC logo, and it’s colour black, so you might not be seeing it from this angle. 

and there’s other items from the box like a cover and a dongle for the ROG Chakra mouse and USB type c chord for the ROG Chakram just in case you prefer a wired gaming mouse, and lastly is that small case and inside this case are some stuff to help customize your mouse.

replacement Omron switches, so the mouse actually already has its own Omron switches, that push the one included here are for heavier clicks.

ASUS ROG Chakram Features

  • Tri-mode connectivity (USB – 2.4Ghz wireless – Bluetooth)
  • USB-A to USB-C cable included (braided)
  • Qi charging support via supported mouse mats
  • Quick charge via USB 3.0 (15mins = 12 hours use)
  • Up to 79 hours battery life via 2.4GHz (RGB off)
  • Pivoted button mechanism for responsiveness
  • ASUS Aura lighting control
  • 3 RGB zones
  • Magnetic screw-less button and shell removal
  • Push/pull replaceable OMRON switch sockets
  • Replacement OMRON switches & tweezer tool
  • Analog joystick & different height replaceable stick
  • 100 – 16,000 DPI
  • 1000Hz Polling rate
  • Dimensions: 132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8 mm
  • Weight 121.6g (without cable)

ASUS ROG Chakram Design

ASUS ROG Chakram Design
ASUS ROG Chakram Design

ROG Chakram is definitely a beautiful piece of aesthetic hardware, with an elegant hard black plastic cover and RGB hidden lighting under the two main buttons and scroll wheel.

Top half of the cover is transparent, with RGB ROG logo. The casing and main buttons are held in place magnetic, which makes it easy to remove without screws – a blessing for anyone who likes to adjust the mouse or clean it regularly regularly

Keys sound, I feel the blue key is definitely sharper and touching than the slightly cloudy gray key.

this mouse is very modular with these translucent shells, you can take off the back panel which will reveal a slot for the USB dongle, plus that ASUS badge right there which comes right off and you can swap it with the clear ones. 

when this spring loaded the left and right paddles come off or reeling modular switches inside. and this is a pretty big feature to a lot of people, but it’s not really new, ASUS has done this in the past and it’s really great thing

The Lightning

the RGB is literally one of the brightest I’ve seen on a Gaming Mouse, it literally has headlights like this is straight out of Tron it’s like a car. 

we have a few different modes in the software, first up being static obviously keeping it one static colour, breathing is gonna let one colour pulse in and out, and you note you can pick one colour. 

colour cycle is gonna go through the kind of RGB colour spectrum of you will reactive is going to kind of pulse the colours on the lighting zones, when you press down on a key rainbow which is gonna be the splash of all the colours at once. 

then you have partition mode which pretty much just lets you customize all three of the RGB lighting zones neither make them different colours or combine the different effects. 

so you have some flexibility there with partition.

ASUS ROG Chakram Switches

stopping the switches out is very simple as well. with the included tweezers you literally just grip it on the side and pull them out, it’s pretty much like the whole concept of hot-swap switches on a keyboard. 

and two switches that come stock inside the mouse are these blue arm round switches from Japan. 

they also included a secondary pair of gray switches which are still pretty tactile but not as sharp sounding.

so very simple hot swap process if you want to switch these out, make them interchangeable and the advantages of this is say one over the dies to become faulty.

you can just easily swap them out or if you just want to mess around and try different activity in switches.

The Joystick

the shocker passed two different size, ones as you saw and it literally just pops out and snaps right pack into place when you want to. 

either swap them out or just remove them completely. 

but a joystick on a mouse has a ton of advantages for a lot of people not even just gamers but people working with 3d modeling and CAD and stuff like that. 

it has two different modes analog and digital in the software. analog is acting for like a joystick and digital remapping the inputs to me. 

in GTA I have a science of the up down left and right move with on the joystick are for controlling the plane and same goes for most vehicles and stuff in game. 

ASUS ROG Chakram Charging

ASUS ROG Chakram Charging

under the DPI where the ROG Chakram sticker is this is actually where they have Qi charging built, but no where on the bottom, nowhere on the mouse does it really have a Qi charging badge.

so you put this on a Qi charger and it’ll wirelessly charge which is definitely pretty cool, so if you have one of those for your phone already you could wirelessly charge it. 

but if not on the front side is a USBC cable which is another big thumbs up everything is moving towards USBC.

and if you plug this for just 15 minutes it gets you nearly 2 hours of battery life.

The Battery Life

they say with on RGB on this is rated for 79 hours which is definitely pretty good and with RGB on they say it’s rated for 48 I say cut that in half though.

I would expect around 24 you know usage hours with RGB on because this thing gets very bright.

ASUS ROG Chakram Performance

the joystick is controlling all the movements in games. for another example you can literally control the player movement with walking and obviously still aim and look around with the mouse. 

the coordination with all the movements on one hand isn’t easy at first but it just does to show you the flexibility you now have all with one mouse and it’s literally just three fingers controlling all in-game movements.

you can use the scroll wheel to set what you want your dpi to be and its colour coordinated.

so from the like your red colours is your lower dpi all the way back up to the blue and green colours which are you higher dpi. 

in the bottom you’re on an off switch with the left side of that switch being the Bluetooth mode and then right next to that is the pairing button.

so if you want to use this just be a Bluetooth you can in the back over on the right side of that switch is for using this over the 2.4 gigahertz connection with their you wispy dongle. 

we do have just stock Teflon feet on the bottom, there are three different pads. 

so you’re gonna be like the hyper gildes that you’re probably used to and stuff.


this is the feature-packed ASUS ROG Chakram, a gaming mouse with a programmable 3d joystick. you have swappable switches inside.

three different modes of connectivity, the absolute brightest RGB

it does follow these similar design cues of those popular ergo mice.

The Price

The ASUS ROG Chakram costs £149.99.


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