Best Gaming Mouse 2020

Best Gaming Mouse
Best Gaming Mouse

Best Gaming Mouse Collection – mouse is necessary and vital for anyone who loves games on a computer

It provides the best gaming mouse in the game and this is very important for the gamers

If you are playing a Pubg game, there are procedures that you must take with great care,

such as sniping, attacking and targeting. For ideal play, there must be an ideal mouse.

1- Logitech G203 Lightspeed

Logitech G203 Lightspeed Best Gaming mouse
Logitech G203 Lightspeed

This is a modest and One Of the Best gaming mouse for for just only$40 Canadian


In the bottom it has four pads and a sensor.

on the right side we find two programmable buttons, on the left side there’s nothing.

on the top this is where it gets a bit more interesting, you have your usual left and right click,

middle mouse button dpi toggle.

Our favourite aspect is the single sleek RGB swoop,

the only downside I can see to this design is in my opinion the non braided cable.

The oversimplification and features in this mouse has us questioning its comfort.

despite the mouse being only 85 grams , the plastic quality in my opinion is a little tacky,

and the ergonomics although we do like the simplistic design we like them when they are ergonomically done a bit better.

we found that the sides were not very grippy and when in heated situations the sweat on our hands

made the plastic a bit slippery to grip we feel that this could have been solved with some rubbery material on the sides.

The scroll wheel  was very basic and the clicking of the buttons were pretty standard.

and the customisation of the mouse was very simple,

we use the Logitech gaming software to customise the DPI and RGB colour on the mouse the overall experience

is this mouse was pretty good.

2- Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless
Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED is one of the most popular and Best Gaming wireless mouse networks

Overview – One of The Best Gaming Mouse

The mouse was very comfortable to use, it is a large mouse (5.2 x 3.0 x 1.6 inches),

a right and comfortable mouse with a curved thumb holder and a tight grip.

On the top side of the mouse, you’ll find 10 huge buttons.

In the right-click button, the left-click button and a clickable scroll wheel; Just below that, there is a button

that adjusts the resistance of the scroll wheel.

I’ve always found this feature very useful, as sometimes you want precise scrolling

and sometimes you want to blow up an entire page in seconds.

It also supports wireless charging on the lowest-cost mouse pad at $ 79.99

and a high-quality optical sensor of 16,000 dpi.

It has amazing sensor performance. It is one of the most stable sensors that we’ve tested so far.

The scope of the CPI is also very wide and you can easily set the program’s preferred sensitivity. 

The polling rate is also adjustable between 125-250-500-1000Hz.

3- ASUS RoG Pugio Ll

ASUS RoG Pugio Ll Best Gaming Mouse
ASUS RoG Pugio Ll

RoG Pugio Ll – Finally, it launched, two years have passed since the original RoG POGIO was launched.

Overview – One of The Best Gaming Mouse

It’s a compact design that helps speed up and increase control,

it also has a high-performance optical sensor and this mouse looks very soft and has a very elegant appearance

 The size is 126 x 57 x 40mm and weighs a hundred grams, but it is similar to the average weight

It is very practical for people using their left hand, so if you use your left hand like me, then this is perfect

A RGB breathable red light tells you when battery life is less than 25%

This is also a decent option to pair with a gaming laptop,

because it’s relatively small and the USB dongle can be easily stored inside the mouse body.

This price is hard on the expensive side, but solid build quality means this mouse will last for a while.

The main selling point here is the three-mode connection,

which allows the mouse to be connected via Bluetooth, USB dongle or wired connection.

The first is a good choice – wireless connectivity uses a high-speed 2.4GHz link for the lowest input latency.

4- Razer Viper Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper
Razer Viper

This mouse has a comfortable design, It has side buttons on both sides, so this for left and right users.

Overview – One of The Best Gaming Mouse

The mouse is a little tighter as usual and the top and bottom actually feel really good,

and it has noticeable steps, which many people want.

The scroll wheels are smooth and quiet while browsing.

This mouse is for e-sports, so it also makes sense to note here, you don’t need an account to use the synapse.

It allows you to log in as a guest, so just log in as a mouse guest up and then uninstall by searching the program,

and you can change the buttons until the mouse wheel is up and down,

and you have a severe shift that means when I press this button

You can change what other buttons do when you have custom media keys on the keyboard.

 The cable is made of different materials, it’s almost like if he had to describe it, it’s a kind of swimsuit

or spot material, so if you’ve ever used any type of braided cable mouse,

it feels kind of a coat like a regular braided cable.

The cost of the Razer Viper is $ 79.99.

5- Corsair Iron Claw RGB 

Corsair Iron Claw RGB Best Gaming Mouse
Corsair Iron Claw RGB

Corsair IRONCLAW Wireless is generally a good gaming mouse.


This mouse is fairly large and has a right angled design with a footrest, which means palm grip is recommended for that.

It has amazing sensor performance and extremely low response time, either wired or wireless.

However, it is a heavy mouse that not everyone will prefer.

Its buttons are embarrassing and it may take some time to get used to.

On the upside, the mouse is built very well, and will be more suitable for big hands.

With high specifications, stylish and distinctive design, and reasonable price compared to the advantages it offers.

Powered by CORSAIR ICUE, seven fully programmable dynamic buttons, and two-zone RGB backlighting

Featuring an iron claw mouse, it is the most advanced optical sensor to date

This is the newly released mouse from Coaster The Iron Claw RGB, so it’s comfortable and practical.

The build quality of Corsair IRONCLAW RGB Wireless is great,

but it’s not quite the same as with other Corsair mice like Scimitar RGB Pro.


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