Blockbuster: The Game Review


Blockbuster the party game a last port blockbuster

This game was an instant hit with our game collection, The Hairy Game Lords.

Even aside from games, I didn’t watch many movies, the wife got involved in the second play through her.

Blockbuster Facts

  • Players: Two teams
  • Playing time: 30-45 minutes
  • Preparation time: 2 minutes


  • Fast paced
  • competitor
  • Great topics


  • It causes anxiety

Blockbuster Gameplay

Blockbuster game
Blockbuster Game

this is the setup for the game you put this board in between the different teams.

you’re gonna split up into teams one person from each team is gonna decide to go first,

and you’re going to have a head-to-head match.

you’ll flip over a card and it will talk about a category of movies sit in the future.

one person goes first, they might say Terminator 2 judgment Day because part of its set in the future,

they pass it off to the other person.

that person’s like Star Trek, now I can’t say another Star Trek movie because I can’t say sequels,

so I have to pick a different movie, that’s set in the future.

so the time machine and then we just keep going back and forth until somebody can’t think of it before,

the time runs out so if you can’t think of a a movie before the time runs out then you lose. 

The Person Who Won

the head-to-head match is what’s gonna set it up for the next round.

so when that happens the person who won it is going to take six movie cards off the top of the deck, and they’re gonna look at them okay.

so we got X-Men and fight club Monsters Inc Clockwork Orange King Kong and lassie,

you’re gonna get three to your other opponents, so I might give them I’d get them maybe those three cards.

now I want to have a different categories so I’ll keep fight club,

X-Men and to keep lassie king Kong and fight club, those are the three I’ll keep.

now one of these each I’m gonna get the three to my opponent who lost

and each of us gonna place one card in each of these categories,

so let’s say I do this you then will press the Ter hold it down for seconds to start a thirty minutes thirty second timer,

and you’re now trying to give these clues well.

I might go come am I this is probably not the best one is one word o think I would have did a quote in it

which would have been just come home, but you can say the same word to get people to guess that one quote it

you just need to do a quote from the movie , so I might be twas Beauty that killed the Beast.

hopefully people would able to get that from there if you don’t know quote,

we’ll say you can make one up and acting it out, you just act out the movie Pana mine no sound at all. 

Your Opponents

Blockbuster Gameplay
Blockbuster Head to head

if you finish all three of yours and people guess incorrectly.

You can start giving your opponents, if you do run out of time then they do the same thing.

they’ll start their timer trying to get their three words, and then if you have any left over.

they can steal those also each one you get correctly, you will put face-up in front of you,

the goal is to get eight different categories if you get three of the same.

 you can use those once per turn to steal one category card from your opponent,

but other than that you’re just going to keep playing until you have all eight of the categories, When you do that your team has won.

Blockbuster Overall

It’s very easy to learn and easy to teach people who want to learn.

you can setup and play in 30 seconds, Even if you don’t know many films,

the game plays well because you are part of a team that can make up for the lack of knowledge that you may have.

Head-to-head was partly fun with his teammates by frantically imitating motions in those 15 seconds.

Of course, the other team is watching you closely! You may give the answer in error and they will steal the victory.


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