Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Review

Corsair Dark Core
Corsair Dark Core

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro is a real front-runner in the FPS wireless mouse race, but its shape will stop some players.


  • A little cumin
  • A very powerful program
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not cheap
  • Players don’t have to claw
  • More difficult to use when wired


the dark cord pro mouse is its size so the diner for this is 127 millimetres in length

by 89 millimeters in width by 43 millimeters in height.

so it’s rather a large mouse thus is coming from someone as well, he uses a course a glaives Daley’s

and that itself is a pretty large mouse but this one just seemed to be a lot bigger.

the switch on the bottom allows me to do Bluetooth or wireless,

so I’m just gonna quickly remove the side panel just like pulling on,

it removes just like that so you can put on that extra wing right, it just magnetised,

it might work for smaller hands but for me I think the extra right wing is a little too much for me,

this extra piece might work better for them.

In-game performance is great for wireless connectivity. 

Like the previous Dark Core, you will not be able to tell the difference between wired and wireless modes.

Even in fast-paced shooting games, Dark Core RGB stood on the ground,

and mouse movements did not delay or fall once. Corsair claims that the battery life is up to 50 hours –

more than Dark Core SE. In the real world, I used Pro for a few days of work and games, and the battery lasted all the time.


Corsair Dark Core Design
Corsair Dark Core Design

first impressions of the mouse is his size, it’s so big, this one more just based on the size like i really like- palm grip the mouse

and my hands are pretty big and right now this feels very comfortable primarily,

first impressions nice solid feel, I was expecting a little bit different type of a rubber on the top and the side on the grip,

but I can’t really complain, it’s nice for the price what I have preferred a tougher rubber maybe a little bit more friction sure,

but overall I think the feel is kind of comfortable, it’s nice.

it still does have the same three black plastic looks to it, so you’ve got your shiny plastic your matte plastic

and your textured plastic as well, so they haven’t changed really the way it looks in that sense.

there’s a thumb rest on the left hand side of and then the ability

as well to change the right side panel with the additional side dress it’s included


Corsair Dark Core USB
Corsair Dark Core USB

there’s a plastic wire actually loose, so it just comes right out.

this is a Type C to USB cable either, i would assume for using it as a wired mouse or to charge it.

this is a pretty nice throwing USB cables aren’t that cheap and this one actually is a little braided.

the braid will strengthen the cable make it last longer make it harder for a dog to chew

but it’s not the thickest braid but it’s braid.

Software settings 

looking at what types of games you play is an excellent place to start,

but then if you find yourself neck deep in a range of genres well things can get complicated,

it comes down to a comfort in whatever.

you are doing from video editing graphic design or gaming Corsair allow user to reprogram the DPI button

as a dpi toggle button leaving the DPI down button open for whatever you really want while this is a nice feature.

it would have been easier if the default was one button for toggling,

the DPI and one button was free for programming rather than having two buttons to control dpi.

I customized the DPI profiles a bit to my liking which was originally confusing at first through the software,

but after a few minutes I picked up on the details and set the profiles to my preferred speeds I ended up really liking,

the three different dpi speeds that they allow me to program to use on the fly without having to change any profiles

as a graphic designer I have to memorize multiple software settings keys macros,

and the list goes on however to start mapping those on to different profiles on the mouse,

for a gamer this is great if you have multiple favorite Games and really want to create a macro key speed edge over your opponent,

there are plenty of buns and options to get the job done without hoarding the mouse with buttons

when I first use the mouse.


I thought the left click was a bit too firm but the more I click it the more I preferred how define the click was the plastic fuel on this mouse wasn’t my favorite

but on the bright side it won’t get that dirty and it seems easy to clean, overall it could be worse

I really enjoyed where the dark cores RGB lights up long with its customizable options in IQ,

the opportunity to pick and choose your favorite light profile was fun as it lets you make this mouse your personally.

The Price

The Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro comes in at $79 (£89, about AU$125)


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