Corsair Ironclaw RGB with big hands review

Corsair Ironclaw RGB
Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Corsair just launched the new Ironclaw RGB gaming mouse.

The name is strange for a palm fist mouse, but its large size may turn some big players into a palm grip,

with high specifications and a stylish and distinctive design,and its price is reasonable compared to the advantages it offers.


  • high performance
  • Modern design
  • Very favorable price
  • Great girlfriend
  • Safe fist
  • Careful tracking


  • LED mode is weak
  • A strange mixture of materials

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Features

  • powered by CORSAIR iCUE Software
  • Seven fully programmable buttons
  • Store profile on board
  • Dynamic, two-zone RGB backlighting
  • Surface calibration
  •  has also boasts the iron claw mouse features,their most advanced optical sensor yet

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Design

This is a newly released mouse from coaser the iron claw RGB, so comfort and ergonomics,

always come heavily into play with mice, and this is especially the case in gaming most users who upgrade from a standard kind of included with you PC ,

this is a newly released mouse from coarser the iron claw RGB,

so comfort and ergonomics , always come heavily into play with mice,

and this is especially the case in gaming most users who upgrade from a standard kind of included with you PC 

mouse will initially look to preference of grip and size caller fingertips and the palm grips ,

if you’re looking to get really technical,you can even look to a modular or customizable mouse

with interchangeable grips partner or pinky rests as well.

what’s instantly impressive is that feels quite light for a larger mouse at 105 grams corsair have done well to keep the weight down,

and although predominantly plastic in construction , the iron claw doesn’t feel creaky or cheap.

a quick squeeze shows no signs of flexing and a shake no signs of rattling,

it does feel really good in a palm grip, the top of the mouse including right and left clicks is made from a soft touch plastic,

both sides feature rubberized  grips prefect , if you tend to lift your mouse up a lot in terms of comfort

and the iron claw was a particularly good fit for my hand , set really naturally over the mouse

The extended thumb rest helped with positioning my thumb close to both the side buttons,

both right and left clicks are also buttons both right and left clicks are also slightly concave .

Corsair Ironclaw RGB Buttons and Wheel

you have seven buttons in total , on the iron claw both right and left clicks side buttons dpi switches

and the wheel click or programmable through the IQ software the scroll wheel is a little bit larger than most mice.

the wheel it is feel a little bit woolly, it’s a hard to detect individual clicks up and down,

it’s pretty easy to scroll quickly though, so possibly better for moving through long pages of text,

as mention the right and left clicks are omron switches rated for up to 50 million clicks with operation force of 60 gram force

and a naught 0.45 actuation distance and these feel by comparison very clicky.

The only real problem is the heavy middle mouse button. It takes significantly more pressure to push down from left and right click.

 In situations where a quick melee attack may be necessary, a heavy middle flick can slow things down.

The base of the mouse we find a number of large Stacy feet and the optical sensor specifically,

it’s a pm w3 391 which has been developed in conjunction with picsart,

you can get specific with dpi adjustment from a hundred up to an eighth at 18,000 with single dpi steps.

Connection cable

The cable is braided as well also nice to see and 1.8 meters long,

There’s also a small velcro strap to help with tidying the cable up and for travel the iron claw as it features on board profile storage for up to three profiles,

if you find yourself on the move a lot as you don’t have to spend time downloading software

and spending time configuration everything over, it’s pretty much just plug and play,

this does mean that the DPI buttons and DP a dpi indicator LEDs are essentially a multi-purpose ,

the front button controls profile select and the rear button dpi adjustment,

The LED indicators also react depending on which button you press to indicate both dpi levels

and which profile is selected plugging the mouse ink.

Lighting and Settings

the lighting into gear the illuminated courser logo and scroll wheel lights do look pretty good ,

Although a little bit dim in a brightly lit room with the lights off,and though colors do come through much brighter.

 setting the mouse up does require heading over to corsair comm to download,the IQ software is install, 

The iron claw is support by IQ as there’s so much that you can change and customize for the first profiles tab , you can set up profiles that are stored on your system,

and there’s three options to be stored on the mouse, you can like these programs to applications

so that they are enabled automatically, as well settings up one of these profiles just requires the profile tab to be selected

and then you can move through, the other tabs lighting for the iron claw can be set up on both the scroll and logo zones.

The Price

If you’re not looking to spend loads of money, The Corsair Ironclaw RGB costs $59 ,it’s pretty mid tier when compared to the competition,it not crazy expensive


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