Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT Keyboard Review

Corsair K95
Corsair K95

This is the 2020 refresh- the top selling Corsair K95 platinum from 2017 nearly three years after its initial release,

keyboard is available in cherry silver blue and brown switch options.

A mite unit here has cherry blues, although after using the speed silver.

when it unbox it’s gonna look identical to the original k95, because in terms of design,

it’s literally the exact same keyboard.

Platinum XT looks pretty much identical to its ABS-using predecessor, and there’s been no noticeable impact to the feel of the keys.


  • Same design and cool K95 Platinum features.
  • Elgato Stream Deck support.
  • More profiles on board.
  • The rest of the new and improved wrist.
  • PBT doubles keycaps.


  • Not a massive upgrade compared to the previous K95 Platinum.

Corsair K95 Features

Those new blues keys to replace the grey G macro keys, this allows you to do things like switch scenes go live

mute your mic anything, you would usually use a stream duct for. 

The keycaps feel nice and they’re similar to what razor did on the huntsmen tournament vision. 

we’d still have that slight bold gamer font since they’re shining, through you’ll have the RGB shown nicely to the characters,

and while that fine grain texture on them is either love or hate for most people i for one like it they still feel smooth to the touch and it’s not rough or anything,

it’s just enough to give you this little extra grip.

The other new addition is they’re brand new wrist rest, this one is much more cushion,

and it’s definitely a welcomed addition and a worthy upgrade from the original old wrist rest,

That one was reversible with these two rubberized textured side.

Corsair K95 Design

it’s the actual keyboard itself, but i wish it did something extra to kind of separate, it make it stand out more on that stuff in a minute. 

Corsair K95 Design

so one of the improvements our new PB Tiki caps a new wrist rest, and that’s it.

 the main selling point comes via software with their compatibility with the elgato stream deck software,

Making these six macro keys a virtual stream deck, inside the vox they include the extra set of textured fps and mobile key caps.

the platinum xt has the same familiar hundred and ten key layout from the original k95 and in fact it uses the same basic chassis.

the original k95 platinum came in two colour variants of the aluminium top plate,

and the new XT is only launching with a black anodized brushed aluminium top plate,

I don’t think this is that big of deal either way.

the old ones two different options really looked pretty similar anyways,

it’s probably smart that they just limit the number of SKUs for a single keyboard,

There’s still a little bit of flex when mashing down on the board, and overall build quality here feels about the same

as my old K 95 the detachable wrist rest though has been changed,

and now it has a simple foam padding, that’s wrapped in a thin leatherette finish.

the reversible magnetic pad is versatile and gave a real feeling of quality, the new wrist rest just feels cheap,

it’s very light and offers very little actual padding, and the leatherette is really thin, should have stuck with the original design.

Corsair K95 Keycaps

Corsair K95 Keycaps

The K95 Platinum XT is also the first keyboard from Corsair (to my knowledge) to use more durable Cherry keys.

key caps now that’s a bit overpriced in, but that’s kind of beside,

the point here with most competitors pushing out new boards all with PBT keycaps, and this is a smart move for them to include them.

Corsairs PBT keycaps have nice thick sidewalls, and they have a nice textured surface to them although with the PBT caps does come some reduce permeability in the lighting on the keys, it’s nice and vibrant so it’s possible to be done.

still the the lights really don’t suffer from the PBT keycaps, and i would rather take the PBT ones over the ABS keycaps all day long,

and this is about a 10 to 15% reduction in overall brightness again, but it’s not a super huge difference of the original.


lighting’s always been a strong point for the k 95 and the platinum XT is well exactly the same, if not actually a little bit worth.

Corsair K95 Lightning

 the board is controlled with their IQ software which remains mostly exactly the same as before,

Although they did introduce one minor improvement with this release in the form of a denounce delay, that reduces double strokes.

the 19th out light at the top of the board makes a return same with the RGB enabled logo

and media all of the keys do have perky RGB as you would expect,

but the keys themselves are not as bright and vibrant due to the new key caps.

the platinum XT comes with doubleshot PBT keycaps, this is a notable increase in value over the original

as Corsair charges 50 bucks for a set of their PBT.

The Cable

Corsair K95 Cable

the underside of the board has the same cable channel that we saw on the original k95

which lets you run something like a normal sized headset cable underneath your keyboard.

for example the rubberized pads and rubberized extendable legs are exactly the same as before.

The Font and the spacebar

the font is still the same large and somewhat device have fought that coursers gone with for a while,and i used to that font.

the space bar does does still come in that obnoxious diamond plate texture,

the infamous Corsair spacebar rattle is a little bit better on this iteration,

but completely gone because when you use it, you’re gonna hear in this sound test in just a second.

switch choice is mostly the same on the new k 95 with it being offered in both Cherry MX brown

and speed switches although you can now get this board in Cherry MX blues as well.


you get the two sets of textured accent keys for WASD and QW erdf and new for this particular keyboard are six blue textured keys for the macro keys.

although since those keys already come with textured keycaps,

i think maybe a non textured set would have been a little bit more useful than just keys in another color

and with this keyboard corsair actually includes.

 a Corsair sales logo keycap which is cool, you also get a plastic key cap puller thrown in as well.

The Price

the k95 platinum XT comes in at 200 bucks which is the same price of the original.


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