Corsair Virtuoso Headphone Review

Corsair Virtuoso
Corsair Virtuoso

Corsair Virtuoso headset launched a few months ago, it’s sold worldwide in something like 40 hours that is absolutely insane, especially for a gaming headset of all things.


  • Precise surround sound identification
  • Easy and reliable wireless
  • Wonderful cool design
  • Light but sturdy construction
  • Full sound


  • Basses can lack a punch
  • PS4 performance does not match the computer
  • No Xbox One compatibility

Corsair Virtuoso Features

  • Driver Type 50mm Neodymium
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-40KHz
  • Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Design Style Closed-back
  • Battery Life 20 hours
  • Range 60 feet
  • Lighting 16.8 Million RGB, 1 zone
  • Microphone Type Omnidirectional
  • Weight 0.8 pounds (360g)

Corsair Virtuoso Design

Corsair Virtuoso Design

the standard version in whites, which I actually really like the look of I think they’ve nailed the styling on this one keeping in both subtle.

but still you know very stylish and even with the RGB elements, which can be turned off in their IQ software. 

it’s actually pretty nice, also acts as a connection indicator which is also pretty handy. 

and for the sort of people who wear over headphones out in a bear or rock commuting, I this that these were kind of fit in pretty well. 

you can get them in black or the special editions in gunmetal which I think would go very well.

Corsair Virtuoso Audio

when it comes to audio quality, I think horsehair really good job here. they’re very crisp and clean to listen to. they have good range and actually good resolution over the different ranges as well. 

the bass was a little on the lacking side, if you use their IQ software you can change the equalizer and kind of pump those that those bass bands up a little bit and get  a little bit of a nicer experience. 

I found that while listening to some high bitrate FLAC files, iPhone the base was just a little lacking and ended up making the headphones feel

a little disconnected from the listening experience compared to something like my audio technica ath G1w Ls, which make you feel a lot more involved in listening to the music and each individual elements.

The Connection

Corsair Virtuoso Connections

in terms of actually connecting to them while out in the boat, you can use the 3.5 millimeter jack cut on the bottom of the ear cup to do.

so sadly there’s no Bluetooth support here so if you phone like mine doesn’t have a headphone jack and you forget you USB C dongle at home.

you’re gonna be pretty much out of luck on that one, unless you wanted to say carry a laptop with you and use the slipstream wireless dongle which gives you pretty decent range but also not necessarily the most practical. 

you can also use the USB c port list on the bottom next to the headphone jack not only to charge the headphones, but also as an audio source itself for in theory anyway start the better audio quality.

The Microphone

you can also remove the microphone twos, it’s fully detachable Which makes for a bit more of a stealth look, and more like you know a set of Noida cancelling headphones rather than your rack kind of glowing ring razor at options.

Corsair Virtuoso Charging and The Battery Life

in my testing I didn’t really notice a difference between the two so overall unless you want to keep them charged, I’d recommend using the wireless option since you get pretty decent range. 

and in terms of battery life anyway you get around 20 hours which is pretty average for gaming headsets.

I did just check out a sennheiser GSP 370 that has a hundred hours of battery life which is kind of insane, but overall 20 hours isn’t too bad.

The Performance

of course since there’s a gaming headset we have to talk about actually gaming on it, and actually that was a pretty good experience. 

first apps are nice and clear to hear where they’re coming from same with shots and cargo for example. 

and also I have to add the microphone is pretty insane have a lesson and this is what the courser virtuosos headset mic sounds like, honestly this has to be one of the best microphones on a headset pretty much. 

it’s incredibly clear almost perfectly true to life with just a little bit of compression and a little bit of noise in the background. 

but overall certainly nothing bad at all, so it sounds good has an amazing microphone and is pretty versatile so what’s not to like well the main thing for me is comfort since when I first put it on anyway, it was pretty stiff and pretty tight and ended up hurting left.

so after gaming now it does get a little bit better as you wear in the headset little bit, so frees itself up OS. 

so but it still wasn’t the most comfortable and I would also add that my ears rubbed on the inside of the ear cups

The Price

Corsairs virtuoso is squarely in the premium gaming headset brackets at selling foreign of 150 pounds or 170 for the special edition.


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