Corsair Void Elite Gaming Headphone Review

Corsair Void Elite
Corsair Void Elite

Corsair Void Elite is the most comfortable and best performing headsets for PC gaming,

just released their new void pearl lineup replacing last year’s model by returning,

the audio drivers improving on its microphone, and new memory foam ear pads prices on your screen

for their entire lineup as always.


  • Wireless voice over RF means no delay
  • Precise microphone
  • Fabric headphone pads are suitable for glasses


  • Surround sound and battery gauge are connected with the app
  • Very loose fit
  • RGB lighting consumes the battery faster.

The features

  • Driver Type 50mm neodymium
  • Impedance 32 Ohms
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz-30 KHz
  • Design Style Closed-back
  • Microphone Type Omnidirectional electret condenser
  • Connectivity USB Type-A
  • Weight 0.9 pounds / 390g
  • Cord length 5.9 feet / 1.8m
  • Lighting RGB
  • Software Corsair iCUE

Corsair Void Elite Design

Corsair Void Elite Headphone Design
Corsair Void Elite Headphone Design

The cushions used and the removable ear pads they’re softer they’re smoother feeling

and feature a breathable mesh, the amount of feedback isn’t as firm as last year’s model and because of this.

I noticed there’s less clamping force at the jawline and less pressure being pushed down

at the crown of my head when I weigh these things.

there’s some of these lightest dedicated gaming headsets coming in at around 340 grams very similar

to last year’s model again, but they’re actually one of the lightest on the market that I could find

those are closed back over ear headsets meeting my big ears,

we’re able to fit completely inside the ear cup, while wearing your ear lobes barely touch.

The inside lining helps to keep your ears sweat free, and over the long run playing games like battlefield one

and those crazy long operation matches that last about 30 to 45 minutes each, if you play many hours, your ears never sweat.

The high gloss looks nice but that indeed fingerprint probe is sensitive to micro scratches

when you wipe your prints away.

the left ear cup does feature an easily accessible mute button and on 

the rear is an additional volume knob to adjust on fly, 

The audio cable into the headset is very sturdy and beefy, it’s not removable extending down,

there’s no inline controller which I don’t mind at all.

Corsair Void Elite Cable

Corsair Void Elite Cable
Corsair Void Elite Cable

it ends at a 35 millimeter connection, so you can use this with your PlayStation and Xbox consoles,

now for you to use this with your PC and have Dolby surround sound you simply attach this little dongle here to the end and connect that to your PC,

the headset there is built-in microphone that adjusts very easily and is highly durable as well,

it’s not detachable but it’s able to swivel vertically up to get it out of the way,

and I’ve tested quick audio sample and this is the best microphones I’ve heard on a headsets and  gaming headset

Corsair Void Elite Battery life

Corsair claims that 16 hours of uptime with one charge, and in our test it performed slightly better.

With RGB lighting off, Corsair Void RGB Elite continued on for 17 hours and 25 minutes of consistent playback.

It might get a little better than that, as we are tested at a slightly louder volume than what people often listen to (approximately 75 dB).

However, if you decide to turn on the LED lighting, expect a worse battery life

I have found that the battery drained faster with its on.

The Performance

The void prose surrounds provided some of the most well balanced

and least synthetic surround sound experience of any headset that I’ve tested.

using the void pro surrounds for several hours i didn’t have any listening fatigue because audio frequencies are not overblow.

they’re not exaggerated if anything and the best word i can use to describe, this as it’s simply balanced.

Now for example the explosion that produces bass isn’t overpowering and the high frequencies are not sharp,

and tending to cause an ear piercing experience when bullets fly by you.

now in the flip side i can see some would prefer an audio signature that’s a bit more colorful and brighter.

Explosions too big characters walking around in the game so building toppling down

and such won’t be as immersive as there isn’t much deep or resonating bass the first-person-shooter war games again

like it’ll field one here that I’ve been in love with isn’t as visceral.

The Settings

The EQ settings in the cue program bumping up bass did provide a bit more bass but it wasn’t that deep warm

and rumbling bass that I was hoping for once you start adjusting other frequencies as well,

the headset starts to distort the audio signature that made it clean earlier.

The Price

The price is not equal on this headset, starting at $ 67.99


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