Doom Eternal review You will Feel tired

Doom Eternal
Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal – I have finished the game and I feel like I was already in a fight.

I feel tired and exhausted and feel my hands trembling because of my intensity in the game.

The story of Doom Eternal

focused on providing a more dramatic story than the gameplay and chaos it provides from the first moment to the end, 

The story revolves in Doom Eternal two years after Doom As Earth invaded demonic hordes that killed most of the population

And were led by an angel-like person named Khan Maykr and three “priests of hell” while he fought death,

our violent hero has not stopped fighting demonic creatures since his last adventure four years ago

and he returns back to earth to chase the priests of hell to an end to this invasion And save the planet.

in the end You are required to save the planet and the fate of the planet in your hand,

but every time you play Doom you will not care about the story progress

or Events as much as it will interest you the amount of destruction,

cutting and blood that is not interrupted throughout the time you present them in their events,

Which is what the game preserves.

Watch doom eternal trailer 2020

You will find yourself among the missions on a huge ship called Fortress of Doom,

which is a fortress that serves as a base for the operations that you will do between each mission,

a huge and interesting ship for exploration.

Doom Eternal 2016

doom 2016 was too slow ,now the slayer has a whole bunch of advanced movement abilities

you can double jump-whole vault like gymnast for extra distance and elevation, you can even grappling-hook on your enemies

To just suck in and fly to them and every arena that you fight in is gonna have a bunch of like a halo style launch pads poles

and  all sorts of stuff for you to stay hyper mobile with this isn’t walking to the room is sort of force your way

through the demons team slayer, this is almost like a quake arena shooter hyper mobile bounce around kill them really fast.

Display of Doom Eternal 

I’ve been excited for “Doom eternal” for a long time, and I gotta say I’d software has gone it again

and delivered an absolutely amazing game single-player wise I haven’t delved into multiplayer too much

it isn’t without it’s flaws we will be talking about a couple of flaws associated with “Doom eternal” the day

but overall it’s really polished really fun and fast and I had a great time playing it streaming

for all of you doom eternal has a much bigger focus on upgrading your doom slayer than previous versions normally

you just get your guns and run around and kill people, in 2016 had some upgrades but in this one,

you can find weapon kits to upgrade your weapon mods to maybe shoot grenades or snipe or change up or something like that

Runs You Can put in Your Body

there’s runes that you can put on your body that give you extra abilities more control on the air slow down time

when you’re about to die blood punch ,so you can send enemies flying you have a shoulder-mounted flamethrower

that looks like the predator shoulder mounted laser and a nice arm blade

and upgrading both of these actually gives you some extra abilities with either one.

along with upgrading your health and Armour ,so it’s your suit itself has it’s an entire massive upgrade key

that you have to find sentinel tokens to truly unlock the power of your suit,

the upgrade methods for all these are pretty much the same you have to find a thing somewhere on the map to unlock it

some of them are in your path so that you get enough to continue through the campaign,

and the others are really well hidden you have to solve puzzles and hunt them down, 

you will find a lot overall if you explore and what this does is it gives you a greater agency how you want to kill demons

as a side note you will find a lot of lore pickups around the map that flesh out the relatively bare-bones story

if you don’t need the lore if you’re not familiar with with doom.

The demons team

the team demons kind of slayers the enemies are all pretty similar to doom 2016

and that all have specific weak points brain spiders you have to disable the Scorpion tail

so they can’t shoot you ,, the KO demons the big floating ones need to put a grenade in their mouth

so that they can get stunned and then you can execute them

pinky the big pink triceratops Lincoln thing is only weak from behind and the reverent the flying ones

you have to disable their jetpacks so they can’t fly ,they do overall have a greater amount of dismemberment

and bodily damage than the past game you can weaken their offensive capabilities by goring them

or giving them and their visual amount of gore and damage gives you an idea of how much health they have left ,

overall each enemy that you fight will present a different challenge except for some of the weaklings ,they don’t really hurt you very much.

Design of Doom Eternal 

Its design looks a little better than 2016, and they also changed the HUD.

Doom (2016)’s hell felt a bit lacking and less colorful in comparison,

which is why i find it interesting that an element of Hell’s invasion on Earth is flesh corruption, so they They supplied the Element of Colors

It’s one of those things that makes Hell look more dangerous and allow for more twisted locations and levels.

Levels also seem to be more colorfull now, along with enemies and pick up items.

Cacodemons bleed blue again and have different colors, along with a pupil.

Colors are good because they can make things like rooms and items more distinct if used right,

along with good shading and overall design of a lot of things.

Manc had this lore about a monster whose armor and cannons originate from him and he weaponizes his own farts

along with covered nipples and a weird eyeball that made him look goofy rather than threatening.

Eternal brings back the “ugly angry orc with 6 nipples” design and changes him a bit to fit modern Doom’s aesthetic.

The original Mancubus gives the impression of an ogre creature that represents the sins of sloth and gluttony,

at least that’s how some of us saw him.



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