Gears Tactics Review

Gears Tactics
Gears Tactics

It’s surprising how well gears translates to a turn-based strategy RPG gears tactics captures,

The chaotic gory roller coaster energy generated by the shooters even as your focus turns from playing a cog to maintaining the machine.

Technically tactics is a prequel, but it really feels like a throwaway story from the expanded canon

though connections to the overarching Gear saga particularly Gears v abound.


Gears Tactics Story

Gears tactics story is simple, and mostly detached from the larger franchise so while the plot takes a backseat,

it’s cleverly twist the formula of the modern strategy RPG creating scenarios, that fit the Gears mold.

All the XCOM inspired mechanics are their action points that can be used to move or attack half in full cover,

and defensive overwatch positioning.

if you’ve ever so much thought of the word tactics game, the flow will feel comfortable,

it will also feel incredibly familiar to Gears fans nearly every single mechanic.

Gears Tactics System

system shows from the core series appears in turn-based from, and most of them fit remarkably well downing enemies

than executing them becomes vital, as it awards your squaddies extra action points rushing in

with the lancer chainsaw is an aggressive way to clear paths through an enemy.

only if you can reach them without taking overwatch fire, not only do the mechanics.

however in a few cases the gears like systems clash with the tried-and-true x-com like ideas making them feel unnecessary,

For example you’re able to build up a squad of over 20 years, though story missions,

but many missions require that you use the small set of core story characters, so you rarely use more than a few alternates.

when the two identities merge you get scenarios, that mimic the flow and intensity of combat arenas,

and gears shooters even as they play out in a more controlled formulaic way,

on paper your standard squad of four gears are always outnumbered and outgunned each wave of enemies carries a certain momentum,

which a Vokes a moment of doubt as to whether or not you even have a chance to survive. 

The Gears series make sense in a turn-based 

the stylistic flourishes of the Gears series make sense in a turn-based environment, but you can build strategies around them.

likewise almost every enemy type is imported from the shooter series with star, and traits that transpose,

That real-time action identities into a more stats driven turn-based from wretches,

still get in your face creating dangerous distractions some of the more advanced enemies,

like boomers will drop their powerful explosive weapons creating an opportunity for you

to turn the enemy’s heavy firepower back on them.

Gears Tactics Mission

there are only a handful of mission types, including a king of the hill style point control a turn limited character rescue,

and myriad excuses to kill every locust in sight while many are engaging challenging and exciting.

the first couple times they start to wear thin as you reqeat them over and over again,

Even with modifiers and optional objectives to spice things up.

there’s no replacement for actual objective and level variety over the long haul.

the truly novel missions are a trio of boss battle where you square off against some of the series biggest baddest enemies

in addition to the boss monsters, who have large sweeping attacks that forced you out of cover.

you’ll have to fight waves of standard enemies who aren’t exactly easy to handle you could argue,

That these long winded fights are the epitome of the Gears tactics format every turn requires,

you to react to new potentially game-ending circumstances while also moving towards your objective

and planning for what your opponents will do next really, they’re too much of a good thing,

The big attacks feel more restrictive than all inspiring and the drawn-out spectacle minimizes.

Gears Tactics Simulation

Scouring derelict cities and abandoned factories of varying shapes and sizes,

you’ll move from cover to cover trying to put your team in the best possible position to take on.

whatever is just around the corner in true Gears fashion even if you can handle what you find off the bat,

There’s always another wave of reinforcements or a new emergence hull popping up spawning enemies behind your back.

though the situation never adds up in you favor, there’s almost always a solution to the threat you’re facing

whether you choose to dig an embrace from a defensive position

or clear through the locusts toward you have to employ your strategic acumen reactively,

combining your squads moves and attacks in the most efficient sustainable way.

Gears Tactics does lose the sharp edge of danger XCOM has,

where dealing with units dying through the campaign is arguably a feature.

Unless you play on the highest difficulty setting in Gears, you can revive soldiers multiple times,

and on the recommended intermediate setting there was only one time in my entire campaign

where I came close to permanently losing someone. That was a thrill. If you’re not playing on Insane.

Gears Tactics Performance 

Hail Mary’s schemes Marcus Fenix seems to pull off an every gear set piece,

The beauty of gears tactics is that those maneuvers are entirely contingent on how you develop your character

as you develop each of the gears classes.

you’re able to augment them with skills and passive perks from a large skill tree each section of the tree gives.

you a different set of abilities and bonuses that encourage you to use them in specific ways creating a team

That complements each other in how you approach situations tactically not only feels like progress,

but growth as you come in your own as a commander.

your gears find their footing as soldiers at the same time though that specificity intensifies

how repetitive the game starts to feel though the campaign took over thirty five hours to complete.


Gears Tactics is an excellent turn-based tactical game that does a great job of combining the famous Gears style

and work with the mechanics developed by XCOM.

I don’t see her as repeatable as her tactical model.

However, it’s a powerful campaign that makes a great impression with some clever original ideas suitable for Gears.

but it has a little bit bad things like lacking diversity in mission and design,

and difficult to invest in the story or characters.

was released for Microsoft Windows on April 28, 2020



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