Half-Life: Alyx review

Half-Life: Alyx
Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx is the return of VR from Valve to the Half-Life series, an elusive and semi-suicidal battle.

The battle story revolves between a space race with evil intentions called Campin,

which is between the events of Half-Life 1 and Half -life 2 

You enter the game as Alyx vance, and you are the only chance to survive in front of this danger that threatens humanity

and the dilemma in front of you that Campin has already controlled the population, besieging all the cities,

and among the people trapped are the greatest scholars present on Earth, and you too.

You decided to establish a force to resist this danger

 You will start by gathering the necessary tools and conducting the required researches,

while studying your enemy and knowing his strengths and weaknesses.

Half-life Alyx as a Gameplay

The game starts with Alyx Vance and it is monitoring and reconstructing the 17th controlled city

The attention to detail is great, and this was evident in Alex’s hand-embodied interaction,

Alex’s hand-embodied interaction

Exquisitely embodied with everything in the game, when she was holding the bottle and creasing around it,

Gently fixing it on an iron railing, holding a cigarette between my two fingers and two index fingers,

holding a bowl of empty water in the handle, pulling the antenna up and then Gently turn the adjust knob on the radio.

Even discovering that I can choose a tag to search for something on a dirty window pane, it’s really creative.

between the newfound sense of scale and distinctive otherworldly sound design half-life alyx had me immersed

from the get-go bit aside from the new VR perspective.

Traditional half-life Game

Alyx feels very much like a traditional half-life game it’s set up as a linear series of areas starting with a city 17 neighborhood

and then going underground through industrial areas like a distillery high-tech combine facilities slimy alien nests

and more each chapter of this 15 our campaign feels substantially different from the last and true to half a form

I’d sometimes wander around an area wondering if i’d hit a bug that prevented me from progressing only to figure out that:

The solution was a trick that had been explicitly taught to me earlier or was pretty clearly marked

once you knew what to look for you just need to learn to think a little bit differently.

Alyx “helps the player to adapt to the current situation and take advantage of any means within this siege, using a multi-purpose tool,

you will find yourself with the quick ability to understand puzzles and solve them and track electrical wires along the walls

to send energy to the elevator, in addition to handing the 3D spheres into Your hands to open doors,

but not always easy to implement, will make you tied to reality.

There have been many moments that left me anxious Although the physical gestures needed to pick up a fuel cylinder, throw it into the enemy,

shoot at it, and step behind the wall to cover and bend over.

Barnacles – beasts that every person remembers interacting with are monsters that stick to the ceiling

and hang their long, thin, dark tongue near the ground. Virtual reality is a very annoying creature.

Personal review

in conclusion Half-life Alyx takes into account the smallest details, from everything in it to people, clothes and even insects

I succeeded in attracting player interest and entry into this virtual world

Half-Life: Alyx delivers a Tripple A full length VR game with so much thought in gameplay, sound design

and story telling. It’s the first step for VR from being a mere demo machines to a more immersive entertainment evolution.



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