iPad pro 11 ( 2018 ) Review The Best For Gaming

IPad Pro 2018
IPad Pro 2018

iPad pro 11 – This is a device that looks awesome in videos and photos on Apple’s website. 

This thing is a really well-built piece of technology. it’s an engineering marvel, it looks amazing. 

but my question is that I have every single year when the iPad comes out, can things be used as a laptop replacement?

because that’s the thing I’m most interested in. when you look at this device,

you can tell it’s immediately one of the best – if not the best- media consumption devices on the market. 


  • Pencil clips at the end
  • Crazy amount of energy for a tablet
  • Great speakers


  • There is no headphone adapter in the box
  • Pencil and keyboard are expensive extras
  • Industrial design will not appeal to everyone
  • a little bit expensive

iPad pro 11 Design

The design and iPad Pro is simply stunning with its new look.

The previous generation immediately looks comparative, that is, due to the new screen with its rounded corners

and screen-to-body ratio. The edges are not excessively small but this gives you little space to hold the tablet

without accidentally touching the screen. We prefer this instead of getting a degree from iPad.

The 11-inch iPad Pro is brighter than any other tablet you’ve ever seen in any iPad. 

The slate emits up to 572 nits per square meter, and it towers above the average of 350 nits.

We recorded lower measurements of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch (484 nits) and Galaxy Tab S6 (473 nits).

iPad pro 11 Speaker

iPad pro 11 Speaker
iPad pro 11 Speaker

The speaker is also great for media consumption: loud, really clean. 

I don’t know how they do this every year, they make these speakers a little bit better. 

but they’re really good for both music and video, and also for audio in games. 

It’s also a great device for creatives, for people that use the Apple pencil. 

Apple pencil

IPad Pro 11 Pencil
IPad Pro 11 Pencil

This year the Apple pencil has wireless charging and a magnetic connection onto the iPad itself. 

it honestly makes the old Apple pencil feel really silly. 

like the way this one used to charge was just stupid. 

but whether or not this device can be to replace your laptop, that is a more important question. 

and obviously if you’re a light user, like if all you do is just like email, browse the web sure, the answer is yes. 

but the people that are just doing a little bit more and instead of buying a thousand dollar laptop

or $1200 laptop, you spend that money on this device. and for that money you are getting some new features this year. 

USB-C port

the new USB-C port brings some charging convenience, which is nice,

and can connect it to an external display, which for some people is really useful, and the new face ID works very well.

iPad pro 11 Operation System 

What we’re missing is software. I’m not talking about apps, I’m talking about the OS. 

this operation system holds the iPad pro buck i really feel like the OS needs a full overhaul

and every year the reviewers say this like, you know it’s great hardware held back by the software,

but it’s like if we could take this one the 2015 iPad pro,

this is a three year old device if we could take this machine and put a filesystem and some kind of like cursor or mouse support. 

Everybody would be using this instead of the new 2018 superfast ipad pro without all of that stuff

and i feel like this is an issue that has existed since the very beginning of the ipad of the ipad

like the moment some company out there made that first third-party keyboard that could connect

by Bluetooth to the first iPad that’s when people start to look at these things as a potential laptop replacement

six years later we’re still in the exact same situation where it’s great hardware,

but it’s held back by software and this year it’s even more frustrating because the hardware so good.

iPad pro 11 Performance

this thing is incredibly fast. the thing is, if you think about iPad in general, like when was the last time –

if you’ve used an iPad in the past anybody who’s used an iPad in the past-

when was the last time they looked at their old device and thought i wish this was faster. 

like I’m being held back by this speed of my three- year – old iPad. 

like that’s just not a thing for most people. that is not that should not be the focus of Apple’s iPad development. 


it looks good, performs well, it’s an incredible piece of hardware but there’s so few people

that can actually use this as a laptop replacement.

the USB c port doesn’t support external storage, there is no headphone jack and the lack of a proper one.

Filesystem on here just makes it really difficult to interact with files you get over email

or just through any kind of workflow, it’s a very cool device,

but it’s just too expensive to be some kind of fun secondary device and to me this still isn’t a laptop replacement.

i want it to be because it looks so good, but there’s so many little things that hold it back constantly

that just prevents it from being a truly viable laptop replacement, Alternative like as a secondary device,

but was the three-year old one like i don’t feel like there’s a fundamental different in terms of usability.

The Price

 iPad Pro 11 2018 is too expensive, it started at $799 / £769 / AU$1,229. 


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