Jabra Elite 65t Great Wireless earbuds, even for Gaming

Jabra Elite 65t
Jabra Elite 65t

The Jabra Elite Active 65t Sweatproof Headset is practically a perfect earphone and completely wire free.


  • Simple and mature design
  • Fun to use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Balanced sound quality


  • Earphones and case slippery
  • Limited earphone selection
  • Limited resistance to water

Jabra Elite 65t Features

Jabra Elite 65t wireless earphones has always been transparent. 

going over the physical features first these things are small and discreet for truly wireless earphones is pretty cool

it doesn’t stick past your ears, some truly wireless earphones sometimes they look a little bit gargantuan kind of unsightly as well.

the three ear tips included in the retail package works perfectly fine during running walking,

They’ve never fallen out of my ears, i can wear that all day with no wind fatigue whatsoever

They provide excellent passive noise isolation, you put these under the blocks on a lot of your environments,

forget about active noise cancelling, also there’s a very minimal sound leaking at 50 to 60 percent amount,

which was more comfortable casual listening, i even bumped this up to about 80 percent amount,

which is starting to get loud for us for these 65 T’s, and just testing this here barely anyone could hear discern

what i was listening to awesome performance.

Jabra Elite 65t Design

These are all plastic, they’re not made of metal ,they have this titanium paint finish,

which i think looks really good, but overall the finish is very much quality made well,

crafted in the bubs are very clicky, very tactile, and also very easy to reach.

There are holes in the earphones that allow different microphones to pick up your voice for calls

but also to allow mixing external sound with your music.

Better, you can customize the amount of audio allowed to enter through the Jabra app, available on Android and iOS.

 Jabra Elite 65t Bluetooth

they’re jumping into Bluetooth quality, this is one of the very few truly wireless earphones,

that finally has Bluetooth 5.0 , which is absolutely great for battery life signal reception etc.

i was expecting a little bit more range basically, but i did get 88 linear feet before,these signals start to crack up,

Now that is excellent if you’re in the gym, if you’re walking throughout your house, it’s gonna be no problem whatsoever.

Eighty-eight  linear feet is typically on the high-end Bluetooth signal range,

but because go to 5.0, i was expecting a little bit more but on that most if not all average consumers idiot linear feed through a wall or two,

it did but only did absolutely great, moving on here still sticking with Bluetooth signal, i did test thus with movies.

The Ability

A lot of truly wireless earphones do have some kind of syncing issue, where you hear the audio,

but the lips on YouTube or Netflix is just going and flapping away,

i did test this again with my Samsung phone,no problem with Netflix no plan with YouTube,

it’s in sync one of the very few truly wireless earphones, that has that feature or has that ability.

Battery life

now jumping into battery life ,these do claim up to five hours with a battery, that’s pretty much on the average of truly wireless earphones.

it does come with a charging case, you basically stick your earphones in here,

when you’re not using them you stow them away and while they’re put a layer stow away.

they do recharge they go which is fabulous, which most truly around, these earphones do again.

 you get five hours on the earphones in themselves, we Test this at 50% volume and actually got six hours

and 45 minutes from full to dept again excellent in that regard.

The case itself does offer two full charges, so in theory this gives you a full 15 hours if you need it quick recharging.

The Speakerphone

There’s four built-in microphones into those earphones altogether, that’s a first i believe for truly wireless earphones,

This is something that Jabra, it’s really promoting, it does pick up your voice crystal-clear very audible.

it’s one of the best if not the best in microphone quality, the only issue there the only caveat,

it picks up everything around you, it’s someone that’s ten feet away maybe a car driving down the road,

there me walking through doors to leave the building, it’s all picked up through the microphone in a very loud audible fashion,

if you’re in a quiet environment this thing works exceptionally well.

 it has four microphones all together on these earbuds, it’s not only just for speakerphone quality,

it’s because I’ve the very first truly wireless earphones to feature Alexa built-in .

The Performance

Wireless performance is excellent. Headphones are attached to our phone instantly and rarely get stuck.

You can use one earphone at a time, although note that the right earpiece works like a master so use it when you want to receive calls with one earphone.

And when you’re ready to return to a stereo listening experience, removing the left earphone from the charging case instantly connects the two.

the only issue that i found here when i did use Alexa is there was a slight delay , the Alexa feature was a little bit longer,

it took like an additional second or two and as the even has average consumer,

it’s something that you will notice, i wish it was a little bit more streamlined or a little bit more intuitive or faster.

the touching base on audio, these do get loud and i had to turn it up to about 80% Vaughn for the average consumer for most people,

actually rightly percent in not bad at all, and this will be loud for you

they are more of a neutral sound profile, there’s enough bump or thump, that’s enough for most general is very evenly well played,

it does not distort or basically hinder, the mid-range the j-bert runs are very hard hitting the Bose sound support are very deep and resonating cleaner based in the j-bird runs,

but compared to these, are a little bit more neutral now.

The Price

Even in 2020, the Jabra Elite 65t is still a really good pair of true wireless earbuds, it costs $120.


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