LG OLED55E8PUA – 65 OLED 4K TV Gaming TV Review


LG OLED55E8PUA – 65 OLED 4K TV – Imagine yourself sitting on a sofa and playing your favorite games

on a large modern screen, with better input delay and response time, and has one of the top models, FreeSync,

in addition to its advanced and modern design, in addition to that you will not use this screen only in games,

but it will be wide And many like watching TV, series, and favorite shows .


  • incredible design 
  • Peerless black performance  
  • OLED screen is stunning
  • Perfect blacks


  • very expensive
  • Brightness changes with screen content (ABL)
  • The risk of permanent burning with prolonged exposure to stable content

LG OLED55E8PUA – 65 OLED 4K TV Features

Resolution: 3840×2160 
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz 
Panel technology:
Dimensions:1226(w) x 777(h) x 50(d)mm
Smart TV: Yes
LG OLED55E8PUA – 65 Features

LG OLED55E8PUA – 65 OLED 4K TV Design

it has some amazing features. and there we go , unboxed supersaf style.


This thing is so thin , it’s unbelievable ,there are two version available , 55 inch and also a 65 inch version,

There’s the TV stand, you can mount this on the wall if you’d like,this thing is impossibly thin ,

and because of that,it can blend into any space. you’ll see that it’s super thin all along.

With OLED TVs you also get everywhere. This basically means that you’re gonna get great viewing angles .

if you’ve got a bunch of friends over to play on the TV , everybody’s gonna be able to see vivid , accurate. color

regardless of where they’re sitting in the room . We’ve also Ocular guard technology which reduces eye strain ,

this works by limiting the amount of blue light that’s emitted , so if you’ve got kids that are sitting in front of the TV a lot ,

They’ve not gonna be getting that eye strain Which is a big plus. 

there is inside the box, you do get some paperwork, some warranty information, as well as the air remote.

Features in Gaming

to people who like gaming, they will be pleased to know the we do have support for HDMI 2.1 with as little as i millisecond response time and 12 point millisecond input lag , and the light emission process is very fast, ranging from nanoseconds to microseconds, and that makes OLEDs less prone to motion blur compared to LCDs.

Audio , you do have 60 watt front firing speakers, so can get an immersive experience and you’re not necessarily gonna have to go out and buy another sound system

This is a smart TV ,so you do have webOS built in,and that means you’re not necessarily gonna have to connect this to a separate set top box.

basically we’ve got G sync compatibility here and that’s compared to g sync certified and g sync ultimate without getting too boring and technological basically this always supported variable refresh rate or vrr bit

now what’s happened is NVIDIA’s put this through this validation program and along with the fact that we have full HDMI 2.1 ports ,

you can hook up a PC or a laptop with an RT X 20 series graphics cards or GT ×16 series card i believe and get G sync on here , so that helps with screen tearing and also helps to smooth out your framerate,

Playing at 4k 60

so if you are playing at 4k 60 while they’re having to use a vsync would add a lot of input lag ,you can use do you think and it will help smooth out your framerate, so all you have to do is download the latest software on the TV and also the latest game really drivers from Nvidia,

and gaming on this thing is just incredible obviously being OLED , we’ve got that infinite contrast those super deep blacks and rich colors, and also being HDR when you playing games like battlefield 5, it really does help the color pop , bit the thing is even though i already have my ps4 and xbox hooked up to this ,

So playing console games is great , when you’ve got this gorgeous big TV here , sometimes going to sit in the office and playing on a smaller monitor which is an HDR and actually my particular one doesn’t have a high refresh rate isn’t ideal.

using it’s instant game response feature it turns everything on that you need for gaming,

but when you’re watching TV or movies ,you tend to go between expert bright or expert dark

and this is ISF color calibration or even technicolor’s expert

The Audio

Those who buy a TV with his voice as a qualified are few and far between these days,

but because you E8 OLED carries a premium for sound quality, I have discovered that it is worth digging

USB ports

there’s plenty of ports , including four HDMI 2.1 ports,as well as three USB ports. and with the LG OLED TV, you’ve got cable management built in. so the back portion of the stand actually opens up, and then you can feed all your cables through there and then cover them up, once again, going towards that minimal design just so it can blend in nicely with its surroundings , on the bottom that’s where you’ve got all of your ports.

Why would you want to go for OLED instead of LCD ! 

with OLED , you get authentic, immersive colour with perfect blacks.

Now, LCD user shutter technology so it can never be perfectly black, and there will still be some backlight that’s gonna be creeping through.

with OLED, you have self-lighting pixels which can control their luminance individually,and they can just cease to emit light when they need to display true black.

This results in a much higher contrast ratio with vivid colour capable of producing a large gamut of saturated red , green and blue primary colors with support for major HDR formats , including Advanced HDR by technicolor and HDR10+, as well as Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos , another huge advantage of OLED is the thinovative design.

The price

LG OLED 55E8PUA – 65″ OLED is too expensive , it costs $1,448.99


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