Logitech Z623 Speaker Review

Logitech Z623
Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623 Speaker – This is a 2.1 system which basically means it has two regular speakers and one subwoofer.

it’s going over the appearance you’ll notice that has a really cool sleek looking design to it.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Good dimensional sound
  • Decent build quality
  • Two 3.5 mm inserts


  • Speaker cables

Logitech Z623 Features

the dimensions of the subwoofers 302 by 264 by 280 3 millimeters. 

the bottom of the subwoofer and one of the satellite speakers which is the same as the other one.

I want to show you the bottom of both because he actually notices that they have rubber padding at the bottom.

so if using the right speaker which has a control button and you press it won’t move backwards, because it has an adequate amount of grip on the bottom.

but this rubber also serves another purpose that it’ll protect your fragile surface if you have the on sink glass shelf somewhere switching over to the back starting at the bottom of the subwoofer.

Logitech Z623 Design 

Logitech Z623 Design
Logitech Z623 Design

the subwoofer on the left side we actually have the air vent which air flows in and out, but of course at the front we have this subwoofer speaker itself. 

enclosed in metal mesh and for the dimensions of the satellite speakers is 136 by 114 by 200 millimeters.

now keep in mind that the left channel isn’t as wide because it doesn’t have a button sticking out like the right side.

so the right side on the front you’ll notice you have a power button.

the volume control button and base control level and on the left side of the right speaker .

Logitech Z623 Power

In terms of power these speakers actually have 400 watts of total power which is a bunch of garbage.

The more important thing to note here is that they have 200 watts RMS total power.

The symbol for alone is 130 watts RMS, whereas each satellite speaker has already 5 watts RMS.

now that might not sound like a lot for the satellite.


Logitech Z623 Connections

The right speakers connect this is the preparatory port and wire that it connects.

this is not a VGA wire that you would use for a computer monitor, this has been confirmed that it is different from VGA and this is a problem because changing this wire is near impossible even Logitech doesn’t sell an extension wire for this connection.

so the problem with the speaker lengths is that the left and right speaker wires are both just over 5 feet in length

but the left speaker channel is easy to extend, the right channel uses a preparatory wire which is near impossible to find and it might not be long enough for some people’s setups like my own.

We have the permanently attached power cord and RCA connection for the left channel speaker.

the right channel speaker connection which is a bit more that’s refined 5 millimeter jack which is primarily used for connecting your computer and of course just above that you have the left and right RCA connection which means you can connect your video game console or TV Blu-ray player or media player to this speaker system.

The Ports

We have one cord for contacting headphones.

and another port for 3.5 millimeter headphone jack which you can actually connect to your smartphone or tablet to feed the sound to the speakers.

The Price

Logitech Z623 costs $120 


These speakers packed by huge amounts of punch power is such a small body in design not only that they’re also THX certified.

so you’re also getting very crisp sound, and the sound quality is fantastic whether you’re watching a movie playing video games or even just listening to music, you will not be disappointed with the quality of these speakers.


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