MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Laptop Review


MSI GS65 Stealth is one of the best gaming laptops you can buy today.

This is the most impressive Nvidia Max-Q laptop we’ve tested so far,

outperforming most competitors by outperforming them in design and style.

This is the beautiful MSI GS stealth thin , the light gaming laptop with a 144 hurt refresh rate display,

The latest eighth generation i7 processor, and I’ve got to say I think this is the best-looking laptop MSI have ever made.

So this is actually the cheapest model of the GS 65 I say cheap, but it’ll still set your back 1,900 pounds.

That’s the same in dollars and for that you get the six core i7  8750 H processor.


  • Attractive and polite design
  • Great and fast presentation
  • Excellent performance
  • Effective thermal management


  • The bottom gets hot burning
  • Next biometric login
  • Poor original sound

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Features

  • 3DMark Sky Diver: 29,435; Fire Strike: 12,233; Time Spy: 4,619
  • Cinebench CPU: 845; Graphics: 105 fps
  • Geekbench 4 Single-Core: 4,969; Multi-Core: 17,898
  • PCMark 8 Home: 3,913
  • PCMark 8 Battery Life: 3 hours and 36 minutes
  • Battery Life : 4 hours and 38 minutes
  • Middle Earth: Shadow of War: 119 fps; (1080p, Low): 68 fps (1080p, Ultra)
  • Total War: Warhammer II: 116 fps; (1080p, Low); 56 fps (1080p, Ultra) 
  • storage:comes with a 256 gigabyte SSD you can really any fit three maybe four games on there ideally

MSI GS65 Stealth Thin Design

The MSI GS65 is less than 18 millimetres thick ,it weighs just 1.88 kilograms or 4.1 pounds

which is about the same as the MacBook Pro 15 and actually lighter than the Dell XPS 15,

and even with a 15.6 inch screen because of the super thin bezels around the top and the edge,

it means actually the whole laptop is a 14 inch laptop chassis.

 MSI have traded their signature black and red color scheme for a classy black and gold trim, it’s legitimately sharp looking laptop,

and would fit in just as easily at the office or a LAN party, that the metal chassis does smudge quite easily.

I’m always having to wipe off my greasy fingerprints and smudge marks bill quality is okay,

there’s a fair amount of flex though especially around the keyboard and the palm rest which gives it a bit of a flimsy feel overall,

there’s also a little bit of creaking, I’m not sure if you can hear that it doesn’t CE across particularly well built,

and there’s also a fair bit of screen wobble here.

RGB backlighting which is fully customisable though MSI’s pre-installed software as well as their famous dragon sensor which lets you keep an eye on temperatures,

and performance you can create custom profiles and just fan speeds so for example if you wear headphones

when you play games you could go into the dragon center and put this fan speed into cooler boost mode makes it pretty loud we’re looking at about 53 decibels,

if your headphones on you’re not really gonna notice


 there’s a really good selection of ports as well , there’s pretty much everything you’d need

including a USBC Thunderbolt 3 HDMI 2.0 mini Display port 3 USB 3.1 separate headphone and mic ports Ethernet and power,

my only complaint though is a lack of SD card reader, which is a bit of the a shame

and as someone who makes videos all day long that is  a little bit frustrating,

Although I can always just use a USB adapter as for the screen itself

The Keyboard and The Touchpad

the keyboard and the touchpad are really nice to use though and even the touch bars using synaptics rather than Microsoft precision drivers,

it’s smooth responsive and it’s feels good, I’d say it’s rather than the gigabyte area 15 X is touchpad

and a similar quality to the Dell XPS 15the steelseries Chiclet keyboard is great type on and you get perky.

 The good news is the palm rest and the keyboard doesn’t get particularly warm at all

MSI GS65 Cam Web

the webcam is actually pretty decent and somehow despite the really thin bezel,

they have managed to farm it on the top bezel unlike the XPS 15 or the gigabyte arrow which is down.

MSI GS65 Speakers

it’s a much better placement and quality is fine as for the speakers, they’re actually very good surprisingly good, you get a couple of bottom firing speakers,

and depending on the surface,it can muffle them a little bit, but I found them to be loud punchy.

The Performance

the GS65 Stealth absolutely tore through every intense test we could throw at it, putting up general performance numbers that either crush,

or maintain parity with, its closest rivals. Clearly, this is a rig that’s equally ready to churn out massive spreadsheets

or render video files as it is to deliver your next epic game session.

 there were plenty of laptops out there that come with a 1060 or 1070 and even a fair with the latest 8th Gen processors,

but not many of them look this good or more importantly have the ridiculously smooth 144 hertz refresh which makes going back to any other laptop just feel slow and old-fashioned,

but especially in games which feels buttery smooth and that’s gives you an advantage when you’re playing competitive games

like fortnight overwatch or pubg having said that’s if you’re not getting 144 Frames per second in games

then you’re not really taking full advantage of the refresh rate in far cry 5 ultra settings, GS 65 averaged 68 FPS in wise are the two major again at ultra,

we get 75 FPS , so we are still seeing a benefit over a 60 screen,but depending on the games you play

and settings you use, it’s gonna be tricky to fully utilize that 144 hertz when you’re got a 1060 in here,

so I think the best option really is to pay a little bit more and getting one with the 1017 Max-Q , which is about 20% faster but I still think,

it’s very impressive to see the kind of performance you can get out of this considering just how portable

and compact, it’s as I say this will comfortably get you over 60 FPS in the latest games with ultra settings at 1080p.

The Software

Dragon Center 2.0 from MSI brings with it alot of system diagnostic and performance optimization tools,

for example the component load levels and the ability to free up memory space.

 In addition, with the supported games, you can use the new MSI Game Mode

to automatically adjust system components to get the best performance in the mentioned game.

this software can boost the audio output in game-level games to improve the output when chatting,

so you don’t have to scream to make up for poor microphone gains.

Radio and Killer Network software within the laptop provide up to 50% more stable connections

and lower ping rates when playing. However, it is difficult to see or measure the difference between home and office Wi-Fi connections.

The Battery

you’d only get two or three hours of battery life without G sync and when you’re not connected to the power,

it uses its integrated chip on the which means in real-world use,

you’re looking at around five and a half hours of battery from the 82 what our cell which is definitely less than the right hours .

The Price

MSI GS65 costs  $1,799 (about £1,289, AU$2,349) , it’s pretty much but it’s worth it , it’s an amazing laptop.


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