Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Review

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller console is an indispensable addition to a dangerous arsenal for any Switch owner.

This comfortable zig-zag accessory features the best D-pad you can get on a console.


  • Heavy weight and feel
  • The isotopes look great
  • Responsive inputs


  • Expensive for the controller
  • It looks a little boring in black
  • Other colors are very rare

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Features

Motion controls are available with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller console,

so you won’t miss the Mario Kart 8’s steer function

or the little rogue Motion Deceptive attack in Super Mario Odyssey as you shake the console sideways to get started.

The effects of rumble shake are present as is the NFC function.

So if you have any Amiibos dumped, you will be able to click on it on the console

when prompted for some add-ons to some of the first-party Nintendo addresses assigned.

 Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Design

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Design
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Design

the first thing I noticed about this controller is its build quality,

I hate to say that but I oftentimes have felt like Nintendo has skimped in the hard winter department on their consoles

in order to make them more affordable, this has led to many of their systems having much more of like a kiddie feel

when compared to what’s coming out over its Sony and Microsoft their competitors.

the plastic feels very sturdy and overall I was surprised at the amount of heft that,

it has it just feels so much more solid in the hand when compared to the joy cons.

the sides of the controller also has this really nice matte finish to it that a lot of players,

that get sweaty hands really easily you’re gonna appreciate in their long smash Bros play sessions,

also the center of the controller has this very subtle touch of having clear plastic.

Buttons Triggers and Analog sticks

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Buttons
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Buttons

the main a B Y and X buttons has surprisingly large and really nice to press down like they have the perfect amount of travel to them.

the other face buttons like + – home, and share also feel like they’ve been placed appropriately,

and they’re really easy to reach with your thumb.

now talking about the analog sticks, that’s gonna be where this review source to its highest of highs,

overall these control sticks just feel incredible and accurate to use,

also whenever you click them in they have just the right amount of travel.

they make a really good clicking sound, it’s just right and I can’t believe that,

I think those control sticks are better than what’s over on the Xbox one, and even on the playstation 4

which is pretty crazy.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller wireless connection

one really great thing about this controller as well that I wasn’t necessarily expecting is how great the wireless connection is to the switch,

which sounds really weird, but are being room is kind of shaped strangely.

if your couch is really far away from the TV and joy cons just from time to the the would have sort of like connection lag issues or something,

the connection would kind of go and out this thing just connect really solidly to the switch,

it’s like we sit like 15 20 feet away from TV, and it never has a problem ever.

it’s so nice also there’s a really small sink button located at the top of the controller that you can just press at any time

to reconnect it to your switch or connect it to a new switch that,

it’s never been connected to before with ease, it’s really nice and convenient,

this controller actually support amiibo underneath, the right control stick you just tap you amiibo figure right there,

and it’ll scan it into the game, also this controller has motion control capability.

The Battery Life

the battery life on that thing is an absolute beast,

I’ve used my switch and PS4 like the exact same amount kind of alternating between them,

and I’ve had to charge my ps4 controller like twice, that thing is still on like 75 percent or 50 percent battery,

and I’ve only charged it once, it’s crazy.

also it’s worth noting that this Nintendo Switch Pro Controller uses USB C so the charger that actually charger,

your Nintendo switch system will also charge with,

this controller but it’s also worth noting that it comes with an extra USB C charging cable,

that goes into the USB port on your switch, so that’s awesome.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller verdict

the one semi shortcoming of that controller is the triggers their digital triggers,

so they click write down immediately and have no travel to them.

now this is definitely gonna annoy a lot of Xbox players that are used to their pressure-sensitive triggers,

that can be pulled down halfway, but for people who are gonna be using that controller mainly for Nintendo games,

it’s kind of a small gripe.

but if you’re a big first-person shooter fan, that’s definitely something to keep in mind before you pay for it.

the bumpers right above the triggers are place just right, and they feel great so no complaints,

there one thing is the d-pad I think a lot of retro gamers are gonna wish that that was a lot less mushy,

but it kind of is but for a lot of switch games that’s not really gonna matter,

if you’re wanting to play a lot of old-school games with this , this might not be the best d-pad, it’s not the worst either.

The Price

 it costs pretty high price tag of $69.99


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