Razer kraken X Gaming Headphone Review

Razer kraken X
Razer kraken X

We’re looking at the brand new Razer kraken X headphones, now alongside packing in a load of different features

into this headset razor I’ve also made this a headset ultralight at only 250 grams,

That makes it one of the lightest headsets currently on the market, additionally for any one that wear glasses is gonna be the perfect headset for you,

as Rays have incorporated little channels in each side which will allow your glasses frames to sit in between thus reducing the pressure


  • Stylish design
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good sound in the game


  • Abominable microphone
  • Sub-music performance
  • Surround sound is no different from surround sound

Razer kraken X Features

Razer kraken X Design
Razer kraken X Headphone

they have a frequency response of 12 Hertz to 28 kilohertz, and it’s using a cardioid microphone

with a frequency response of 100 Hertz to 10 kilohertz.

we’ve also got an instruction guide some details about the 7.1 surround sound,

and the code for the software the 3.5 – splitter cable, and then of course the Razer stickers,

so the majority of connections are going to use those 3.5 and regi connection on the headset itself.

he has a sound with the bike refrain from the Kraken X headset, you need to keep it away from your mouse,

so that really off to the side a few inches away, otherwise you do pick up some pops on the B’s

and under P words other that I think,it’s a great microphone

Razer kraken X Design

Razer kraken X Headphone Design
Razer kraken X Headphone Design

look at the headphones itself your very simplistic design of C keeping the cost down.

it’s a more budget oriented- headset the microphone isn’t ratratable,

but it does have a good range of flexibility seeing it nice position.

I think personally I find I’ve never actually played the microphone up if I have the ability to

or just leave it down anyway, so I don’t really think that’s gonna matter for the majority of people buying this no why’d you be on this headset either but of course that’s another cost saving option.

it does keep the weight down, you may not think it will make that much of a difference,

but all the grams of little bits do add up by my personal opinion

 the on the top we’ve got a simple gloss Razer logo.

on the opposite side, we’ve got ample headband padding no quite as soft as the air caps,

but definitely adequate to give you comfort for the whole day.

when you wearing the headset the ear cups go fully over your ears as well,

so it’s definitely more comfortable without having them sit on your ears in terms of general comfort though I’ve worn these for numerous days

having those little channels on each side as well as definitely helps for comfort for the glasses whereas amongst us all the guys

that way we’re gonna z’, so overall very good in the comfort.

Razer kraken X Ear Cups

Razer kraken X ear cups
Razer kraken X ear cups

 the ear cups on the cracks decks are nice and soft , and you can weig there for long periods of use without any discomfort.

can’t feel the actual channels that run inside for your glasses or you know if you were any kind of gunners

or anything like that, I certainly not giving me any discomfort what I’ve been wearing my glasses during that day.

it’s really nice to see something like this being implemented as that’s one of the common problems,

The headphones sometimes you get excessive clamping force and then when you wear glasses,

it just made even worse thankfully Ray’s have managed to get around this problem

and they’re really comfortable to wear for the entire day without any problems

The Cable

that isn’t a braided cable which is just a rubber coated cable the same for the one that comes out of the headset itself and that’s also hardwired,

just to save on costs so jack on the headset is a 45-degree angle one personally for me,

and I rather it be a straight one just for convenience when it comes up with pocket,

if you use it in your phone or something like that but for the majority of things, it’s not going to make a difference.

if you can use it on PC or something, you can break it away with this cable to have a separate microphone, and headphone jack.

but obviously if some console you just plug it into the controller.

for your phones or C it’s going to go straight into the headphone jack

The scroll wheel

Razer kraken X Scroll wheel
Razer kraken X Scroll wheel

we’ve got a volume scroll wheel, there’s no clicking this to it or anything like that.

it’s just smooth and above that we’ve got a mute switch and that’s a spring-loaded switch

and enabled you’ll see the point that runs inside to show, it’s red it doesn’t have any igb

or anything like that doesn’t illuminate just a physical switch on.

The Performance

there is the 7.1 surround sound software that you need to download to enable, the virtual surround that,

This offers there’s any one option on this for which is literally 210.

the seven-point went on and off literally just a case of pressing there turn on button,

and then you’re good to go now on little side note being that this is software you need to download for you PC.

you can’t ask use this on the consoles or in a mobile device

Now funnily enough you can use a 7.1 when you listen to music I find actually does benefit to some tracks others

That may it sound it does give it a little bit more layering in detail, so does benefit for some songs but not all of them,

but it’s a nice data thing you can play around with especially if you’re someone that listens to music

while you’re in the middle of games or use news for other things such as editing or doing voice work,

Now as you’ve probably guessed by what I said earlier the comfort for me I found to be really good certainly enough padding

in the little channels to the glasses definitely helps us how long you can wear these I’ve used,

These for multiple days that ain’t discomfort at all , and being that they’re so light obviously benefits that as well.

The Price

these are in at $49.99 in the UK and in the US, and they’re offering a great range of features a price point,

That is a lot less than what you generally find is the market, it even better as well would offer 7.1 surround sound


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