Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Naga Trinity
Razer Naga Trinity

We’re taking a look at the Razer Naga Trinity MOBA MMO mouse from racer

Razer Naga Trinity is a great versatile gaming mouse thanks to the interchangeable side-board design.

Naga Trinity is very well and great for gamers who love a wider and taller body.


  • Great gaming design.
  • Multiple button layouts; Customizable.
  • Very good design.
  • Excellent performance.


  • Not recommended for small hands.
  • Steel cable.
  • Not suitable for travel due to use and wired size only.
  • A little bit expensive.

Razer Naga Trinity Features

we’re looking at 119 millimetres long, 74 millimetres wide, and 43 millimetres high.

the body reaches peak height right under, the first knuckle of my index finger.

and you can tell, it’s meant for a one to two grip, because it has a little groove on the outside,

That cradles your ring finger with a palm to fingertip measurement of 21 centimetres,

it puts me somewhere between a hybrid of a claw and a palm grip leaning a little more towards the palm,

So make sure you adjust accordingly based on your hand size.

The Razer Naga Trinity is fairly big and there’s no pouch to carry around the different side panels.

This mouse isn’t very travel-friendly.

The nages has been available in a couple different configurations either like a 12 button phone dial configuration

or a 7 button circular hex configuration.

Razer Naga Trinity Design

Razer Naga Trinity Design

you’ve got the RGB logo on the rear of the body and the material used here is the same matte black plastic,

The majority of razor’s mouse offerings, the triggers also have really comfortable finger grooves.

the switches here razors own mechanical switches.

it’s really solid stable design if not a little wider than most, it feels a lot like the MM 520, but it’s longer and heavier.

this mouse weighs a hundred and twenty grams, and there’s no adjustable weight system of any kind,

it’s really comfortable mouse, but it’s really big and it’s really heavy, so be ready for that.

the beauty of the Trinity is that it allows you to switch between either of those two as well as a 2 button fps,

That’s pretty similar to the side of a death adder on the fly and the way it does, it’s extremely well executed.

Razer Naga Trinity Scroll Wheel

the scroll wheel is RGB lit, and it’s rubberized with tall ridges, it’s got a little audible click to it when you scroll,

it depresses easily, it features tilt scroll which is not something i usually see on a gaming mouse right behind the scroll wheel,

you’ve got designated buttons for dpi up.

down the bottom of the mouse has one large glide across the rear and two in each of the top corners,  

also see a profile select button there with an LED indicator to let you know which you’ve got selected.

The Hex Panel

razer naga trinity Hex Panel

the hex panel has seven buttons that are RGB lit as well as a little rubberized disc right in the center of those buttons,

so you grip style here it becomes a little more deliberate.

you got a couple options, you can either grip this thing with your thumb pointing directly in towards,

The mouse in between all seven buttons or you can park your thumb just forward of the buttons,

it’s gonna fall between the one on the for the latter these two options is the most effective

if your play style requires a lot of lift off and reposition with the hex panel,

I’m not actually able to lay my thumb across these buttons on the side without accidentally triggering them, they are pretty sensitive.

The 12 Button Panel

razer naga trinity 12 button Panel

 the 12 button panel makes things even dicey for me trying to locate proper thumb placement,

I can’t park my thumb completely forward of all the  number keys and that allows me to get some lift off there. 

to truly make the most of this setup, you’re gonna want to use a really high dpi settings,

so that you don’t have to lift off or reposition, the mouse very often if you have a really light touch,

you might be able to get a little lift off just by resting your thumb across the lower row of buttons.

they require a little more deliberate force to actuate than they do on the hex panel,

it’s also kind of cool that the number two is flared out, just a little bit it’s different than the rest of rows,

so you can kind of like learn to find a home row, and then find your way around on the pad based off that.

it’s a subtle detail, but it’s appreciated, so it should go without saying, but all these buttons we’ve seen so far can reassign.

The Cable

The USB plug here us black chrome with the razer green insert, and the cable is braid thin and flexible not nearly as stiff as some cables.

Razer Naga Trinity Software

Display having to program, this mouse initially in the synapse 3 software.

you can store up to 4 profiles on the mouse and once you’ve got them all locked in,

you’re good to go at this point, you can either delete the software from your system,

if you wish or you’re ready to go for any other system that plug into.

there are a few restrictions to the stored profile mode specifically with regards to lighting,

namely you can only use the for simple lighting modes.

when you’re storing two profiles ie reactive breathing cycling and static, there’s no configurable options

and you can’t assign any of the RGB zones independently while you’re using these models if you do plan to remove the software

or you’re using this mouse on the go you need to be aware, that the lighting profiles even the simple ones.

it will retain all your dpi information a button assignments, and that sort of thing,

but it will default to colour cycle anytime, you plug it into a different system,

where synapse 3 is not present the advanced chroma lighting effects here are global across all profiles.

so whether you’re on synapses 3 system or not whatever advanced chroma effect,

you have in place affects every profile the last thing here, that might cause you some confusion is that

if you are hook up to a synapse 3 system,

and you’re using the profile select button on the bottom that LED indicator is not going to change colour,

all that takes place on screen, that LED indicator only kicks on, if you plugged into a system,

That does not have synapse 3 software present.

The Performance

Aesthetics aside, the Razer Naga Trinity is a fantastic mouse, even if it is missing some quality of life features.

The 5G optical sensor on top of the utility that the genre-specific side buttons offer is a great value proposition

for anyone who is looking for an MMO mouse.

on the side of the mouse plate you just hook a thumbnail under there,

and it just pops right off the mouse powers, you slap your new side plate on and the mouse powers back up

and it automatically knows what side plate.

it’s got installed there’s four magnets, that hold it on, the side one of front one at the rear and then.

there’s two magnets each on the side of the PCB behind the little protection cover,

They did a great job at this implementation, it’s really secure in the tolerances on the moulds of the plastic

are so tight that you do get a nice rubberized grip here.

on the side as well as two curved thumb buttons that feel ideally placed, and the button action on them feels really good as well.

The Price

In Conclusion The Razer Naga Trinity is a good mouse for anyone who enjoys switching between genres often.

Razer Naga Trinity costs $ 99 , it’s a little bit expensive but it’s really worth it.


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