Razer Nari Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

Razer Nari Ultimate
Razer Nari Ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate headphones are wireless gaming headsets.

They are comfortable and well built, but very bulky and with poor stability.


  • Haptic feedback works for her
  • Balanced sound quality
  • Roomy ear
  • Lots of wired customizations


  • Limited wireless compatibility
  • No noise cancellation support

Razer Nari Ultimate Features

The Razer Nair ultimate is the first headset to feature haptic technology that delivers pulse-pounding vibrations,

that actually make you feel the sound from your games.

if you guys aren’t interested in purchasing, this headset getting into the tech of this headset,

it’s powered by Razer synapse software where you can fully customize your audio and adjust the sound

and bass boost in the equalizer or by selecting feature present based on gaming music and movies,

you can also adjust your microphone settings and customize your chroma lighting,

if you guys would like to go ahead and save some power while using,

this headset speaking of power this headset does not have to be powered on to be able to connect to any mobile device

or audio device out there, it has a 3.5 millimetre audio jack.

Razer Nari Ultimate Design

Razer Nari Ultimate Design
Razer Nari Ultimate Design

the design headset encompasses a sleek gunmetal finish with an auto adjusting headband,

that’s perfect for those gamers out , there with a medium or large size head.

You get cooling gel infused cushions for ear cuffs made out of a memory feom,

and rims that support a head transfer fabric perfect for those longer gaming sessions weight comes in at just under a pound,

and it feels surprisingly light for the size of this headset, this isn’t a headset that’s gonna fit comfortably in your travel bag,

that razer was looking to create a travel headset when engineering dean re-raise our ultimate,

however if you would you could carry this headset around your neck since both of your ear cups swivel to 90 degrees

for added convenience say for example you go to a lane event and you only brought a backpack with you,

and you bought a couple of extra shirts while you were there, now you can’t fit the headset in your backpack.

the main reason for the size of this headset is mostly in part thanks to its haptic technology that’s built into the headset.

i wish there was a button here on the right ear cup, there seems to be plenty of room for it

where you can turn off the hyper sense activity at the convenience of a button instead of having to go into that software

and turn it off and turn it every single time.


Razer Nari Ultimate USB
Razer Nari Ultimate USB

i think it’s pretty cool you get the RGB lit Razer logos on each one of the ear cups,

when you get to the right ear cup, you get the volume wheel and a slot to hide the 2.4 gigahertz USB wireless receiver on the left side,

you get the rest of the controls from the mute button to a balance rocker for both the game and chat audio.

a power button a micro USB for charging, the retractable mic and a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack.

Battery Life

Battery life of Razer Nari Ultimate comes in at 8 hours according to razer, and that’s with both the hyper sense

and the chroma lighting enabled with both of those turned off you get the normal 20 plus hours of battery life.

Razer synapse software

which by the way if you guys we’re wondering can be turned off inde Razer synapse software,

that you will have to download on your computer.

you could customize this headset, there’s no way to turn off haptic technology on this headset from your console

or from your mobile device.

if you do plan on traveling with this headset, make sure you have your laptop with you so you can download

that Razer synapse software.

if you somehow forgot to turn it off before you go ahead and decide to travel with the Razer Maori ultimate

Razer Nari Ultimate Performance

with Razer Nari Ultimate let’s get into the gaming performance next with the headset since,

that’s what it primarily focused on with its haptic technology.

now the haptic technology with this headset is designed to rumble sort of shake based on the audio cues

that are given to the headset from whatever game you are currently playing now like duty worzel. 

I tested out this headset another first time someone threw c4 and detonated it called the warzone,

it actually almost make you jump out of your seat because it’s definitely something that you’re not used to,

so if everything’s quiet and someone goes ahead, and almost c4 and call it a war zone and detonates,

it feels like your whole chair exploded.

this headset being the first headset that I’ve ever tested with haptic technology.

I playing call of duty war zone it did feel a bit excessive,

turning the high percents off gave me a much better understanding of where my enemies were

and a much better depiction of where my enemies,

we’re heading since i was able to hear their footsteps now without all of the vibrations going off in the headset surprisingly.

when i use this headset for listening to music i feel like it sounded a little bit better than when i use this headset strictly for gaming

which I don’t feel like is something that razer did on purpose i listened to a few different songs from young jeezy abd and DJ tiesto,

and they sounded really good for this being gaming headset.

The Price

The Razer Nair ultimate costs $200, it’s pretty much but it worth it


The Razer Nair ultimate is pretty cool as a headphone, it’s the first headset for gaming.

this headset along with them possibly making the headset a little bit smaller because it kind of look like a double stacked headset

which is completely fine, if you plan on using this headset at home, and if you have a medium to large sized head

but for those of you have a smaller head, i would kind be worry about this headset flying off of your head at the slightest movement,

that you make comfort was definitely not spared thanks to these super soft ear cups,

to go with headset at first i thought i have an issue with the auto adjusting headset however again

what that all-night seem to cause much of a problem,

i could see his headset sliding around more for those of you out there that do we have a much smaller head,

so definitely something to think about.


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