Razer Rogue review

Razer Rogue
Razer Rogue

Razer rogue 15.6 inch backpack, there are many of sizes in the rogue series and, arguably the most popular the front, 

The color is total black on the outside, with some stitching in bright green,

as well as the logo embroidered on the suspenders: internally, however, the green is lit everywhere,

all in padded acrylic, except for just a few pockets or some green retina.

Razer Rogue PROS

  • External tear-resistant and waterproof
  • TPU padded inside is scratch-resistant
  • Fits Razer Blade Pro and most 15.6-inch laptops

Razer Rogue CONS

  • Too expensive
  • It is not suitable for the business 

Razer Rogue Design

has a very smooth sleek look, what’s it vertically in shiny letter saying razor,

The back on the other hand has a few green stitches to represent razor’s colors, there’s also a nice square Razer logo on the strap

backpacks padding even has a nice green tint ,the heavily padded shoulders,that make the backpack very comfortable,

The cover material is a mixture of acrylic and rubber, with a padded part in the back where it is located on the back.

and in the top there is a webbed compartment , you can stick an assortment of objects in there

There is even a buckle to keep the backpack from slipping, there are buckles on the side to keep the backpack tight and the other side on the sides.

This backpack is made with a scratch proof material,so nothing you’re carrying, you can get affected

handle is also majorly padded and very comfortable to hold

All-black paint provides an interesting contrast to the interior of a light green color:

if you want you can completely ignore computers and use them as a school backpack because books are good there

The Pockets

  The most important part about owning a backpack is the pockets

  • There are small pockets probably for a mouse, i don’t think it is for something else 
  • The whole backpack is tare and water resistant.
  • There are three main pockets on this backpack, the front one is pretty small, it can fit about a calculator and a pencil case, the zippers are also very nice.
  • The second pocket you would put some business cards, your computer charger, a stay sarcastic portable charger, other wires and small toys .
  • The third pocket it is the biggest one, this pocket can holds a lot of things like your laptop , your books.

On either side of the bag, you can see mesh pockets I would say to store your favorite energy drink and a bottle of water.

there is little clips ,to hold the pockets together and make it as small as possible,

but it also blocks the zipper a little bit so you’re to undo those if you want to open it.

The Bottom

 the bottom held up pretty well and the bottom got a different material , it’s like a rubbery material,

it’s much more durable in the sides in the of the backpack, and it’s so good because when you’re sitting down you will feeling so comfortable,

you’ve got your standard adjustable straps on the bottom,there are slots for equipment or hooks,

in fabric, if we want to insert ropes, hooks or anything else.

The Price

this backpack cost 99.99 ,It is a little expensive, but it is durable material, and it is very versatile.



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