Razer Viper Gaming mice review

razer viper
razer viper mouse

The first Razer Viper mouse with visual keys is impressive with the speed and accuracy

that puts it in the lead in the best way, but it is definitely a mouse that some players will love

while others will hate its lack of full mass.


  • Very fast clicky
  • Exceptionally light
  • Suitable for left and right hand users
  • Responsive
  • Comfortable


  • Not the most beautiful
  • DPI embarrassing button mode for Viper and Viper Ultimate
  • Expensive for an esports mouse

Razer Viper Features

  • Sensor Type: Optical
  • Sensor Model: Razer 5G
  • Sensitivity :The standard model packs a 5G optical sensor and up to 16,000 DPI.
  • Polling Rates:125, 500 or 1,000 Hz
  • Programmable Buttons 8
  • LED Zones and Colors 1 RGB zones
  • Cable Length:6.89 feet (2.1m), Razer Speedflex
  • Measurements :(LxWxH) 4.99 x 2.61 x 1.49 inches (126.75 x 66.29 x 37.85mm).

Weight (excluding cable) The standard model sits at a dainty 69g, while the Mini comes in at a mere 61g thanks to its smaller size

Razer Viper Design

the shape is really good and you might think maybe mouse just suits him,

but that is actually a little too big, that’s more like the basilisk or Lance head ,but not as large as a death adder.

in the middle that’s the grip width and it appears to be about five point seven five centimetres,

if you measure your three fingers across, and it’s the same then this might actually help you aim your best,

it can work with other sized hands, but as a general starting point, if you want to 

improve your accuracy, the three finger rule seems to be helping so far.

the length is about 12.5 centimetres, if you ignore some of the flower at the front,

which doesn’t really affect grip ,but when is combined with the height,

that’s when we get an idea of the grips, because it’s only about 3.8 centimetres high,

at the highest point, that’s kind of medium,so it’s more suited for claw and fingertip grip for palm,

you’d usually want about 4 centimetres and fairly long if your hand is under 18 centimetres,

you might be up to palm grip , it although you might be sacrificing a bit of aiming potential.

it has subtle curves on the sides horizontally, and vertically you probably recognize these as similar to what’s on the zowie FK and the finer mouth ultralight,

I think the best ways to shape this to help for comfort and gripping,

it when picking it up especially with the rubberized grips the rust is just a textured plastic,

the grips are only on the side and hopefully they don’t fall off , that’s been a problem no most recently,

but the companies are working on the issue .

More Details 

this mouse to go in a little more than the FK dough, it’s only by about a millimeter on either side,

but it feels pretty good also there’s our FK ,it has a mostly flat top with curves on the sides,

but it has deeper compa curves in the bottoms which I find to feel better.

looking at the base ,it’s wider at the back in the front and. 

this mouse is a bit big for me, I find having my ring finger pushed outward,

it harder to control but for larger hands ,it might be good, it’s amazing shape definitely, one of the best I’ve used at this point final note,

you can see the two large mouse feet , they glide smoothly and quietly,

and the mouse is stable on them dpi button on the base –  so no accidental clicks .

The Cable Of Razer Viper

they’re marketing on this thing number one is the cable , it’s supposed to be this fig what they’re calling it hyper fast cable,

but it’s made of different material, it’s almost like if had to describe it , it’s kind of swimsuit material or slick , so if you’ve used any kind of braided cable mouse before,

if you use it long enough what inevitably happens with every single one of them is that they fray like they get a steelseries kinzua version,

you can see it on basically every other cable -mouse braided cables mouse , if you’ve used it for long time and it’s look bad but not that,

it affects performance,but it does get frayed, this new material is supposed to prevent that,

it does feel kind of like slicker than the regular braided cable.

The Wheels

the mouse well is a bit tighter as usual and up and down actually feels really good, it has the noticeable steps , that many people want,

but is still smooth and quiet while browsing, they even have the holo design to keep the weight down definitely on of my favorite wheels by the feel and sound,

and sound of it the side buttons do all have a different sound has to be expected , and they have a nice click

The Buttons

it has side buttons on the both sides , so this is for left and right handed users,

but I don’t like when ambidextrous mice have side buttons,

but so many accidental clicks Rosa’s solution was to make them thin and shape them so that it’s actually hard to press in you might be able to see that,

I really have to try to press them in with ring finger and even then it’s hard,

so no problem on that side although on the thumb side is actually a bit more difficult compared to the usual side buttons.

The Software

the RAZR software also great to have software when you need it,

that one has onboard memory ,so once you’ve set it up,you can actually uninstall the software.

 the only thing of wine store is macros apparently macros have been dead tournaments,

and this mouse is meant for eSports, so it makes sense also just a note here , you don’t need an account to use synapse.

they allow you to sign in as guest, so just sign in as guest set the mouse up then uninstall done looking in the software,

though you can alter the buttons even the mouse wheel up and down, and you have hyper shift that means when I hold that button,

you can change what the other buttons do when you have dedicated media keys on a keyboard,

it’s great being up to put them on the mouse, you can also change volume up and down hit play pause

and go next to a previous track, that’s a general use thing, but it’s really good to having functionality on a mouse

The Price

Razer viper costs $79.99


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