Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 – Last year’s Resident Evil 2 was a spectacular game, and a masterclass in how to modernize

and reimagine a widely beloved classic, and it was instantly obvious to anyone who played

that Resident Evil a similar modernization as well as.

it turns out it was instantly obvious to Cap on as well soon we’ll be stepping into the shoes of Jill valentine again,

as she looks for a way out of the crumbling remains of Raccoon city

while the terrifying nemesis chases her around the excitement surrounding,

the game has been extremely high since the moment, it was announced and give how close it is now to release.

Resident Evil 3 Facts

  • What is it? A loose remake of Resident Evil 3.
  • Expect to pay £50/$60
  • Developer Capcom
  • Publisher In-house

RESIDENT EVIL 3 Introduction

Resident Evil 3 introduction
Resident Evil 3 introduction

let’s jump right in expanded story, this is not surprising given Capcom’s track record with Resident Evil remakes,

but they’ve confirmed that they’ll be expanding upon the original games story

with Resident Evil three several characters such as Carlos for instance.

will see their stories being changed quite a bit meanwhile given that live sections

in the original games alternate endings have been cut from the remake.

it should be interesting to see what parts of the story Capcom change or remove

and what they add more remix in then.

Resident Evil 3 update

Ari-Resident Evil-  made some changes to the original games story, but it didn’t really an awful lot of significant stuff,

Especially compared to what the first remake did with Lisa Trevor with our E3 Capcom are being more ambitious

with the developers having confirmed, that they’ll be remix unless years remake.

they’ve also hinted that the stories of Ari 2 and 3 remakes will intersect more than the stories of the originals did

which should be interesting to see more action-oriented than re2 , shouldn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone

who played the original resident evil 3, while it wasn’t as action-oriented as Resident Evil 4,

and definitely not as action-oriented as Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil 3 Story

Resident evil 3 trailer

The original re 3 votes still very much survival horror was a much more action focus game than its predecessor

which itself was a lot more action focus than the first Resident Evil unsurprisingly the remake will be taking that approach

as well there’s several ways it’ll be doing that ,like dodge as an experienced stars member

who’s had quite a bit of experience in dealing with zombies and bio-organic weapons.

 Jill is a pretty capable survivor by the time Resident evil 3 kicks off and that’s something that manifest itself in gameplay

as well like the original re 3 the remake will have a dodge mechanic,

and it’ll be much easier to use than it was back in 1999 what’s more if you can pull off a perfect dodge at the final second before hit lands.

you’ll enter a short window of slow-mo during which you’ll be able to take shots at the enemy you just dodge it away

from faster pace Resident Evil 3 is all about escalation while the first two games

and their remakes saw players dealing with a maximum of three or four enemies at the time the streets of Raccoon City,

and re3 are going to be flooded with the undead while we’re not looking at a Dead Rising situation here.

given how many enemies there will be to content with at any given time,

and given the fact that nemesis will be giving chase on a near constant basis Ari 3’s gameplay is going to be much faster paced

than re two players are gonna have to keep moving around,

and dodging and avoiding enemies will be just as important as taking them out in many cases even more

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

nemesis the hulking Bo w nemesis is going to have an overbearing presence in re 3 in terms of both story

and gameplay he’s built on the same AI MA as the re2 remakes version of Mr.x,

which already makes him a formidable foe, but it looks like he’s gonna be an even bigger threat thanks to the move set.

he’ll have at his disposal he can attack Jill with a tentacle which he can also use to drag her toward him from considerable range,

he can leap over Jill from behind her to cut her off from escape routes hell.

he even has a flamethrower inventory pickups given, that Jill is going to spend much of her time in Resident Evil 3

on the move and running away from something or the other Capcom are also making some tweaks to inventory related things

to inventory related things to keep up with the game’s faster pace for instance when you pick things up,

the game will no longer pause and take you to the inventory screen.

instead of having you manually place newly picked up items in your inventory,

The game will instead automatically place things in your inventory as soon as you pick them up

that should have some interesting implications on things, like combining stuff for instance additionally.

 you can also expect to find a lot more ammo lying around in re3 than re one or two

Resident Evil 3 Optional activities

In spite of its faster pace, Resident Evil 3 will still give you the time and room to stop

and smell the burning corpses Raccoon City will have plenty of locations,

That will be entirely optional that you’ll want to visit nonetheless for everything from extra resources

to weapon upgrading traversing through the game’s environment.

you’ll be finding things like lockpicks and bolt cutters which will let you access many of these optional areas

of you want traps using the environment to deal with enemies was something.

the original resident evil 3 toyed around with, but it’s something the remake will be doing to a much greater extent,

you might find red explosive barrels lying around, so killing several zombies and watching them all get caught

in an explosion with a single bullet is something, you’re gonna want to do meanwhile.

there will also be electrical boxes in some areas which you can shoot to send out a shock to enemies in the vicinity in order to stun them.

Resident Evil 3 is getting rid of that change knives will no longer have a durability mechanic attached to them,

the knife that Jill does have won’t be a defense item either since, the game will be pushing players to perfect the dodge mechanic instead.

Assist mode

Assist mode , Resident Evil 3 is going to be a pretty intense game,

but there will of course be lower difficulty levels for those who want a more relaxed experience similar to re 2.

there will be an assist mode playing with the Syst mode on will of course see you facing off against weaker enemies

and getting more resource pickups additionally,

the game will also hand you a powerful assault rifle, as well as regenerating health

there’s been no mention so far of auto aiming which re 2’s assist mode did have,

but it’s probably safe to assume that will be in there as well.

File size

resident evil 3 full file size will be a little over 43 gigabytes as per its listing on the Microsoft store interestingly,

though the campaign and resistance will both be separate downloads of its total 43 gigabyte size.

 Resident evil 3 campaign will weigh a total of twenty-one point nine three gigabyte

which is very similar to re to size at launch

while the remaining twenty point four seven gigabytes will be taken up by resistance.

Minimum PC requirements

Resident Evil 3 looks like a visual beast, but Its minimum system requirements are surprisingly

not that demanding, they’re pretty much in line with re 2.

if you played that on PC last year, you’ll have a good idea of what expect,

in addition to the aforementioned storage space.

you’ll also need 8 gigabytes of Ram and either an Nvidia geforce gtx 760

or an AMD Radeon r7 260 X on the processor front,

you’ll need either an Intel core i5 4460 or an AMD FX 6300.


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