The Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Game Review

The Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle
The Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle

The sims 4 Eco Lifestyle makes The Sims 4 trash. in a good way, The Sims 4 has tried to do “eco-friendly in the past. 

Developer Maxis tried with the Laundry Day Stuff pack and then tried a bit harder with last year’s island living expansion pack. 

But each time it’s been pretty half-hearted. The Sims 4’s latest expansion, Eco lifestyle, appears to give us exactly what we’ve been waiting for. 

if you wanted an eco friendly pack, that is. if you wanted industrial revolution pack,

Then this is also for you but not how the Sims team is expecting you to play it.

Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Facts

  • Developer: Maxis
  • Genre(s): Simulation, Virtual, Virtual Life
  • Cheats: On GameFAQs


  • Great hairstyles and accessories
  • A real approach to going green with the added silly Sims
  • One of the most dynamic expansion packages available


  • Neighborhood action plans and apparent change require a lot of work
  • Many new clothes are very ugly

it’s down to VG247’s resident eco warrior and vegan to take it for a spun. That’s me, by the way. 

Alice Liguori, I’m the eco warrior and vegan, I’m also a massive Sims fan.

Though, less if a fan of the new MAC makeups that have been added in this recent patch

but that’s neither here nor there. we can forgive them because they’ve added ladders

and free window, door placement. oh, and firefighters.

The new Town of Evergreen Harbor

The Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Evergreen Harbor

The new town of Evergreen Harbor is where you can see the new effects of this pack. 

From the map view alone you can see the new eco footprint mode, where you can view the state of environmental effect for every neighborhood in the town. 

like most other world, Evergreen Harbor comprises a few different neighborhoods: conifer station, Grim’s quarry, and port promise.

when you boot the game up for the first time, each of these neighborhoods is at a different level of eco-ness. 

The community around you aren’t just annoying who try to poison you with fruitcake or get offended when you tell them to leave. 

instead, there’s a good reason to be nice to people – and that’s influence. 

you need influence points to pass different neighborhood action plans, or NAPs for short. 

and this just like the wallpaper you choose, has an effect on the state of the world. 

Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Three Neighborhoods

Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Three Neighborhoods

Conifer station is neutral, Grim’s Quarry is green, and Evergreen Harbor is industrial.

These three neighborhoods not only look different on the map, but they also look significantly different when you visit each of them.

Breathing down a gulp of air in each neighborhood will yield different results. if the area is industrial, expect you aim to be uncomfortable and have a coughing fit.

The new world brings 15 new lots, although three of them are taken up by a new lot type: a community lot. more on those later.

and two of the lots are apartment! yea I know, we’ve not seen them in any world since City living

And that was nearly fours years ago. it makes complete sense, and it made sense to have them in the Get Famous expansion too.

Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle Neighborhood Design

overall though, Evergreen Harbor is bloody lovely and looks gorgeous when you play it. 

the neighborhood design are so different from one another which makes this world such a breath of fresh air, it really sets this world, world’s apart.

Because it’s not like other worlds? no?

this new eco footprint can be seen in all worlds apart from StrangerVille and the destination worlds. 

although anno, none of the other worlds have any areas that are industrial. 

they’re all eco or neutral. San Myushno from city Living would’ve benefited loads from an industrial areas, to make it feel even more city-like. 

but that’s partly what’s great about this: the world of the Sims 4 is no longer constantly perfect. 


Sims 4 ECO Lifestyle simulation

nearly every decision you make will have a direct impact on the environment around you, and often that includes your bills. 

some of the options you can choose in build any buy will now change the level of eco-ness in your home – right down to the flooring and wallpaper. 

some will make it more industrial and others will make it more again. some still have no impact, but it’s a good way to get your town to either one of the ends of the spectrum this way. 

make a trashy industrialised town, or make a clean green city. 

it’s really interesting take on things that were otherwise mostly unimportant. 

some flooring will even increase or decrease your risk of having a fire or flooding, and most importantly, some wallpaper and flooring can decrease the bills your household gets. 

A New Community

some of these NAPs are things like looking after your water usage, making everyone wear paper bags on their heads, keeping Sims fit l, free love, having consistently”juiced” Sims. 

becoming self-sufficient and more. there’s also a new community space: one in each neighbourhood. 

it’s a new lot type and it can change as your community votes. it starts off as a normal community space, which is usually mostly empty with a few useful items like the voting board or a recycler.

but it can end up being a community garden, a makerspace, or a marketplace. Luckily for Evergreen Harbor, there are three of these so you can have one of each. in old worlds however, you might just want to decide on one.

this can consistently change as people change their minds too, so make sure you spend your influence points wisely.

The new Gameplay Elements

the new build and buy items – and fabricated items that you can access through the debug menu

if you’re impatient – are so fun, so cute, and some of my favorite pieces of furniture I’ve seen in the Sims 4. 

from the A-OK Bloomer Vertical Garden, to the Tale Of A Living Pagoda and everything in between, there are some really beautiful pieces of furniture that you’ll be able to work with in almost any build.

plus, if you go dumpster diving you might end up grabbing some iconic Sims 1 furniture, like the Newbie’s dining table set and TV.

one of the best parts about Eco lifestyle is the new gameplay elements. 

I’ll be honest with you: I’ve not really played the Sims in live mode for a very long time. I’ve turned into a builder. 

I’m not a very good one, but there’s a lot of more to explore with building than there’s with actual gameplay, for me – anyway. 

live mode

the best thing about the game is there are so many ways to play the as, and it differs for everyone. 

however, playing with this pack on live mode has made me want to return to live mode again. 


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