V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Master Headphone review

crossfade m-100
crossfade m-100

Crossfade M-100 – V-Moda recently released a brand new pair of headphones, the crossfade m 100 masters,

we’re going to take a full look at them, they’re very popular with DJs for very good reason,

so what is new about this new pair, the crossfade m100 master.

v-moda since being taken over by Roland have really focused on the sound quality element of their headphones .


  • Wired headsets only
  • Good negative insulation
  • Great sound representation across the frequency band
  • Quirky industrial design
  • Insert 3.5 mm on the left and right sides


  • Not the most comfortable over long periods of wear
  • No active noise cancellation / wireless connection (as expected for such a product)
  • a little bit expensive

Crossfade M-100 Features

There are levels of customization and a really neat features of this is that you’ve gone v-moda website,

and there’s a full 3d like design studio where you can put your logo on

or you can select a choice of their logos and mess around with the colors,

and even the COS of the screws that hold the shield’s, now you can go on and customize these head faster

suit the way you want them to look, it’s really cool features you should go check it out.

they’ve got great padding as well, this is memory foam padding covered in vegan leather as are the cups,

the pads on the cups these again are the memory foam version which i think an optional extra on the older headphones,

but the standard on the master these feel absolutely great, so these memory foam pads are not only extremely comfortable,

but they’re offering great isolation, so what are you isolation what are you wanting to hear well inside of here unlike the order model.

Crossfade M-100 Design

Crossfade M-100 look practically the same as the usual cross-fade m100, but now we’ve got the steel flex headband,

so you can really bend these headphones great for when you wearing them,

and if you wanted to push the headphone aside seeing and hear the club .

beat DJ headphones we all know we like to stand out from the crowd and this is where v-moda really come into their own,

these shields on the side of the headphone, so you can see we’ve got the crossfader logo laser etched on these ones,

these shields can be traded out and swapped with custom-designed shields, that can order and personalize to suit your taste,

now you can go from laser etching to printing colour, and even precious metals,

in fact I noticed that there was the option to have 24 karat gold or even platinum shields,

I think the platinum shelves were $27,000 unbelievable that, you could buy a set of headphones

that would cost that much but if you’ve got the money to spend on it, v-moda more than willing to accommodate you.

New operating system

there is a brand new driver inside the headphones, that is a 50 millimetre driver run at 32 ohms

and this driver uses CCA W copper clad aluminium technology to really offer great response and great frequencies,

in fact the frequency range on this set of headphones goes all the way from five hertz all the way to forty thousand,

now at 40,000 hertz these headphones actually achieve high resolution audio certification

by the Japanese audio society, theses headphones sound fantastic

they offer punchy lows great mids, and it’s actually the highs that I’m most impressed with on this headphone,

most DJ headphones are very low-end focused, these offered great clarity,

when I was doing a bit of back-to-back testing with regular sennheiser hd25 and then the cross-fade and 100 masters,

I was plugging one in then to the other listening and I actually found on a couple of tracks, the m100 masters we’re showing me,

I was hearing a distortion in the high frequencies, and that was Frank’s to the serratura to again just running a little bit hot and clipping at the top,

so I was hearing distortion, these headphones, I could not hear in my hd25,

so obviously I just that the problem rectified it , and I was really grateful of these headphones for allowing me to hear that

because I couldn’t hear that before in the sennheiser so great audio quality coming out of these headphones.

Crossfade M-100 Cable

Crossfade M-100 Cable

you get two cables, so this is the speakeasy cable, this cable is braid to got a microphone in line and the button on it,

so it’s prefect for using with you phone or maybe a games console, you also get the share play audio cable,

that cable allows you to share what you’re hearing with another DJ,

it comes with another 3.5 adapter just at the bottom of the cable really in fact about DJ’s who may by using a mixer that only has one output,

if you forget that cable like we have it, you can actually share your audio from your headphones via the sockets on the bottom of them as well,

on the bottom of the cups here, there’s left and right input doesn’t matter which one you choose,

you can decide, if you want a cable going down  you left or right sides , it’s completely up to you female to do,

include some nice little branded plugs to keep dirt out of the spare socket,

that you’re not using, if you remove that socket you could plug another headphone set headphones.

Crossfade M-100 Case

if you’re going to be taking these headphones out on the road with, they need to fold up smaller than this,

which they do have a click fold hinge, so basically each cup can click inside and for the money,

you actually get a great little carry case with it as well, this is the exoskeleton case,

it’s nice and small and can carry the cables and everything comes with a little clip,

that you can put on your bag really nice to see that included the with their headphones,

so no need to go out and buy a separate bag.

The Price

250 US dollars retail price, these headphones aren’t exactly cheap

however these have been great all-round headphones, in the studio or for traveling.

These aren’t just a DJ headphone , these are more than just DJ headphones,

the price actually isn’t too bad and the great thing about these headphones is the quality everything from the unboxing experience,

which makes it feel really nice and box , it’s on par with Apple products.



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