Victrix Pro AF ANC Gaming headphone review

Victrix Pro AF ANC
Victrix Pro AF ANC

Victrix Pro AF ANC – There are many headphones available at reasonable prices, but what drives a person to buy a valuable headset?

Victrix has been trying to appeal to a more casual audience.

It is great Its glossy black finish with neon purple accent lighting lends a gaudy touch to an otherwise professional-looking headset

and deep purple hues that make the entire unit pop, and the lit ear cup exterior

which exude a bright glow from across the room and this is one of the best headsets I’ve ever used for gaming.


  • Industrial design is easy to use, user friendly.
  • High sound quality, clear and crisp.
  • Active noise cancellation.
  • Quality long-term comfort.
  • Uniquely ventilated ear cup solution to make playing more comfortable.


  • Mic audio could be clearer
  • Price is high but in my opinion it worth it
  • No wireless options
  • Stock is hard to find

Victrix Pro AF ANC Design

This is a headset that is pretty exclusively marketed towards the eSports gamer

and we look at the construction and design of the headset and overall quality of construction is really good

The headband is made out of carbon steel the yokes are made out of aircraft-grade aluminium the sides of the ear cups are plastic

but it does feel like a nice quality plastic it doesn’t feel real cheap and flimsy and when you go to adjust the headband

it’s like a nice bit of resistance there it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna move after you put it on your head there’s no play there

you can adjust the ear cups out 90 degrees, and i also like that there’s a bit of an angle there so that when you go to put it over your neck

like this it kind of contours over to your body so it kind to huge to you real well almost feels like you’re wearing like a super tiny little harness

and there a little vest it’s pretty nice the ear cups are wrapped in a really nice leatherette and they have a dense memory foam in them

which is always nice for comfort which is a big thing when you’re designing an esports headset

because you’re gonna be wearing it for a really long time.

Design with benefits

and if you wearing glasses ,it doesn’t make any issues with this headset

there’s another touch that they added was the foam

and the padding on the top of the headband got a little split in the top of it

The reason for this is to remove some of the pressure from the top that the apex of your head

where the headsets going to be putting the most pressure on it and that’s to help reduce fatigue again

During those marathon gaming sessions another little interesting thing they threw in there

when you’re wearing a headset for a long time

it tends to get hot you tend to build up some humidity a little bit of sweat around the ears.

Victrix Pro AF ANC Features

You can remove the mic so that you don’t have to worry about damaging your cables when you go to a tournament

but to use the mic , it’s simply just a matter of plugging it in and you’re good to go now

The base model is gonna come with basically just your a 3.5 millimetre dual headphone jack

and it does come with a splitter if you don’t have an all-in-one headphone jack

and then the mic itself has a really nice metal boom to it so that means that you can position it pretty much anywhere that you want .

Activating the ANC mode instantly draws you out of the room and into the soundscape of whatever adventure you’re diving into.

High Features

There is separate inline controller is have a bit of a love relationship

with it the reason for that is that it runs on double-a batteries

Now because to be tournament legal this headset cannot be USB which this one uses the 3.5

I’ve got the little splitter there on this one because it can’t be USB you can’t recharge this over USB

The idea is that by having double-a batteries all you have to do is just swap out batteries in the middle of the tournament

you don’t have to worry about finding a charging station and it makes sense but the hole-in-one controller is really big

and bulky does have a little clip on there but i just don’t see how practical it is having this giant inline controller

now why is it so big because you can do a ton of stuff with it , the inline controller controls the lights on the headset

and there’s two lighting modes there is just a pulsing breathing ,and then there is a static.

Victrix Pro AF ANC Performance 

Victrix Pro Af Anc has an incredibly pure and loud sound there are two sound profiles to choose from

one that treats audio as it comes, and another that boosts your bass

and the latter does serve some of the heavier portions of a demon-infested hellscape better.

These ventilated cups look like the fresh breath of fresh air to protect the user from the heat generated by daily consumption.

Victrics is picking up powerful noise cancellation with rich, well defined audio quality that serves a multitude of game styles well

The price

Victrix Pro AF ANC is high in price, it costs  299 $, but takes its advantages, it is worth it.


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