ViewSonic Elite XG270 Gaming Monitor Review


ViewSonic Elite XG270 – up until now committed Gamers have always gone with monitors with a TN panel, since they always offer the highest refresh rates would be fastest response times.

however all that changes today, this is one of the very first gaming monitors introduced into the market with super high refresh rates and fast response times on an IPS panel. 


  • Great response time and input lag.
  • Great viewing angles.
  • Flicker-free backlight.


  • Bad black uniformity.
  • Average contrast ratio.

ViewSonic Elite XG270 Features 

  • 27-inch IPS display panel
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 1ms response time
  • Max 240 Hz refresh rate (variable)
  • 1000:1 contrast ratio
  • 98% of DCI color gamut
  • 1.07 billion colors
  • HDMI 1.4 and Display Port inputs
  • 3.5mm audio out port
  • 3 USB Type-A ports and 1 USB Type-B port
  • Measures 24.2 x 18.06 x 2.7 inches
  • Weighs 21.27 pounds

ViewSonic Elite XG270 Setup

The setup is really easy as it doesn’t require any tools, the neck piece snaps in place in the back of the monitor and the bottom base has.

it’s very own tightening method, overall the build quality is really good.

the monitor doesn’t wobble while you type or rage.

and it hardly has any play it’s basic compatible however if you don’t plan on mounting it on anything, then you’ll be pleased to find out it has a lot of adjustability aside from the usual tilt.

you also get height adjustability from the lowest point at 4 inches off the table up to 8 and 3/4 of an inch the bottom can also swivel and it can rotate a full 90 degrees on either direction.

ViewSonic Elite XG270 Design

the model does look pretty cool with the three sided thin bezels, however the base looks basic.

it is made out of aluminium with a cutout in the middle to help with cable routing,

and it even has a handle up top to help with moving it around which I actually found very useful during b-roll.

Two side shields 

the view sonic elite also comes with a lot of extras like two side shields which get screwed on the sides of the display to add a bit of privacy or block out sunlight depending on your situation.

it also comes with a built-in headphone hanger on the left side, however you have to be mindful of the side shields since you can’t really open it all the way with the phones hanging on but it doesn’t mean stop there.

he also included two built in Mouse anchors and I loved that they included it on both sides for left-handed people as well.

The OSD 

speaking of on the bottom you’ll find three different buttons,

The first one is a power button followed by the joystick which is used for navigation, and finally the exit button.

now the monitor does come out of the box with 1/144 refresh rate, so you would need to visit the overclocking tab to change it to 165 Hertz.

The Ports

it does with the USB pass-through with USB threes, we got an audio jack and of course HDMI and display.

it also comes with a cover but it does feel very flimsy, so I would be careful when removing it

ViewSonic Elite XG270 Lighting

the bottom part of the monitor has two LED strips and the back has a hexagonal outline around the face amount. 

you can control the lighting using the OSD menu however you only get three simple options to choose from of you want to really customize the lighting, you have to download the software.

now the lighting yourself is pretty faint and you can’t really see it in the daylight, you would need to be in absolute darkness to even notice it.

it’s more of a soft ambient lighting more than anything, but personally I find it useless and I would have preferred them not to include it at all.

IPS Nano Colour

this IPS nano colour technology to bring the colour to life and it really does bring them to life I mean the colour on this monitor are so damn vibrant that the camera just doesn’t do it.

you can look out at any angles you want and you will experience little to no colour shifting and it pretty much past.

the viewing angles test with flying colours, the black levels are also really good on the elite monitor all shades of grey are visible from top to bottom on the black level test with the exception of the first square which is barely noticeable.

enabling dark boost through the OSD menu will enhance the blacks and I found that level 2 is the setting for this monitor for watching movies and gaming.

it softens the colour slightly but it does make the darkest blacks more noticeable.

ViewSonic Elite XG270 Performance

viewsonic elite xg270 with games

the colour accuracy is pretty good with a hundred percent srgb coverage and nine 7% of dcpip 3, so if you do both gaming and colour sensitive work then this monitor is great for you .   

the built in speakers are pretty bad , you don’t get that loud and IMAX volume they get pretty muddy, so I don’t recommend watching any type of content on here, always plug in your speakers or a headset.

for gaming as expected it’s amazing, 165 refresh rate is really nice although it’s slightly noticeable coming from 144 hertz.

it’s nothing groundbreaking the 240 hertz model is the one that you will notice a bigger difference on.

obviously the higher the refresh rate the smoother your game will look and feel and arguably give you an advantage over people playing on lower refresh rate monitors.


ViewSonic Elite XG270 is a great screen for most uses. It excels as a gaming monitor due to its high refresh rate, fast response time, and low input lag. 

Although it has 1080p resolution, it has good clarity of productivity tasks, and its 27-inch screen provides ample space for multitasking. 

It has good coverage of Adobe RGB color space, but it may need to be calibrated if you want to do some photo editing.

The Price

ViewSonic Elite XG270 costs $449.99


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